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4/11/2015 c4 4omega1012
Moses respects prince sven and he likes hazel well enough anyway

goood chapter :)
4/10/2015 c4 IronFistRocks
1. I ain't protectin' him. The prince will have ta do that himself.
2. Shy, so, uh, I will have ta know more before I make a final judgment!
4/10/2015 c3 IronFistRocks
1. Wait, laugin' at blood? Are ya sure he's not my brother? Or cousin?
2. Never underestimate the tiny people!
3. Smart, obversvant, I wonder how he fights.
4/9/2015 c3 2Lost in the Light
Hm... wonder what the plan is. They lost the crown in their royal bathroom?

1: Hm, he's pretty cool, not much development yet, but you'll get there.

2: I saw her picture, I like her.

3: Not to be narcissistic and egotistical (My words of the day), but I made him, so he's is obviously AMAZING!
4/9/2015 c4 17Aza Marael
Sven is cool, and I can't wait to see more on Hazel. And it's nice to see why Friday's making such a big deal out of a crown theft.
...Apparently, it's a much bigger deal than a crown theft. I wonder how having royalty in the group will change it, especially as he knows the full situation.
I look forward to more!
4/9/2015 c4 1Fairy Lori
Holy Hades! Dear Sunday will be a pythoness?! XD
Somehow that seems to fit! :D

And Garrett with the power of persuasion... Bad combo... All the trouble he'd get into!

1. What do they think of Prince Sven?
Sunday- Hahaha... A Prince equals intriguing character!
Garrett- Stuck up princes! Won't get his hands dirty...

2. What do they think of Hazel?
Sunday- Aww... The childhood friend!
Garrett- Hmmm... What's with her?
4/9/2015 c3 17Akuma Kawashima
Quinn's thoughts on...

Garrett: "I have nothing against him. Garrett seems nice, though laughing at blood is a bit...well creepy, to put it bluntly."

Yuna: "Simply adorable. Although, she needs to be careful because some may take advantage of her."

Jordan: "He's a smart kid. And pretty observant too. No doubt that will give him an advantage."

(I can't wait to see the other characters! Keep up the good work!)
4/9/2015 c3 17Aza Marael
:D This is pretty good so far!
Poor Garrett is so uncomfortable... xD And Yuna and Jordan just do *not* help matters. Jordan seems like a pretty interesting guy so far, seems to have taken all the family intelligence. :P
(And Yuna my child)
4/9/2015 c3 1Fairy Lori
Alrighty! Awesome Chapter! XD

1: What do they think of Garrett?
Sunday- He is a tad weird... Laughing at blood... (-_-)
Garrett- N/A

2: What do they think of Yuna?
Sunday- She seems nice! Perhaps they'll get along! :D
Garrett- Shy girl... Won't last long...

3: What do they think of Jordan?
Sunday- Chess player! That requires intelligence!
Garrett- Hahahaha...
4/7/2015 c2 IronFistRocks
Cool. If I find another character I try to send xir in.
4/6/2015 c2 2Lost in the Light
Great chapter, nicely written. I hope the next Wednesday gets sent soon... (I would send in one, but alas, I already have...)

If you want me to recommend it to some friends, or make another, I'll be glad.

I hope the story progresses well. ;)

Much love,

4/6/2015 c2 1Fairy Lori
Haha! XD

Great chapter!
4/4/2015 c1 2Lost in the Light
Yay! I made account about a year ago and never did anything with it.

I did the math, and Sunday has the best Land : Wealth ratio.

I'll send in a boy.
4/3/2015 c1 IronFistRocks
Name: Destiny 'Dest' Dagger
Age: 13
Weekday they are from: Saturday
Personality: Dest is a tomboy, thanks to her brothers. She's a risk-takers and rarely gets humiliated. She's very competitive and loves a challenge. She likes pranking people. Dest is hardly afraid of anything and isn't afraid to get dirty and sweaty. She's confident and is independent. Her usually comment is "This isn't anything at all like my house."
History: Dest was the only girl in a family of 9 brothers. Which means 10 kids in all. She got lost at least 4 times, which is a record low for her family. She messed around with the guys and picked up fighting skills. Dest lived pretty normally.
Appearance: Victoria Moroles as Andie in Liv and Maddie
What do they think of
Monday: Yeah! Dirt, grime and filth
Tuesday: Skinny peoples. Not good.
Wednesday: The people are really skinny!
Thursday: There's more dead people then alive people
Friday: To much nice stuff not enough mud
Saturday: not enough dirt
Sunday: eh, medium. Good and bad
Why they entered?: Cause she was forced to by her brothers, to smell fresh air, to beat da thevies up!
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