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for Unprofessionals, Pt 5: Positions

3/17/2021 c1 Crazedtruelovefanatic
Amazing! Pls make more stories! But make them multi chapters not one shots pls!
12/31/2015 c1 4thesakeofpsyche
Out of the five this is definitely the best-the most emotionally charged and sensual! 3
7/14/2015 c1 9Incandescently Chelsea
LOVED this story! It's the first one I've read by you, and I must admit that I am thoroughly pleased!

The content as well as the structure and vocabulary was beyond praise! Beautifully written! Well sculpted! Truly wonderful and enjoyable!
6/9/2015 c1 4Kat Mindin
As always, your works are exquisite. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I can identify, being a dancer myself. Them choreographer boys be fiiiine... *fans self* I can't wait for the next installment. Your writing truly is great. Congratz on an epic story. Loves.
5/22/2015 c1 3BlackAngel-Chan
Darling, Ive been waiting for this. This is fab! I love it! You're truly amazing.
4/26/2015 c1 Liz
I have been following this series for about two years now, and I always love your stories! I had voted for this pairing, so I'm super-excited that you chose to write this one! :D

Your writing style is absolutely beautiful, and I always adore your lead characters' inner monologues. It took me over an hour to read this story, not because I'm that slow, but just because I always treasure the new ones and don't want them to end. These are some of the only stories posted online that I find myself going back to reread multiple times.

One very tiny thing: early in the story when you're describing what she'd expected Taylor to look like, there's a sentence that just says "hair." I assume you meant to put "grey" or "silver" in front of it. Obviously this did not detract from the story, and I would never usually point out something like that; your stories are just so grammatically flawless and typo-free that I wanted to let you know. :)

I could ramble on for quite a while longer about why I like your stories so much, but I'm afraid I may have already made myself sound like a bit of a crazed fan, so I'll stop here. You are an amazing writer, and I can't wait for the next installment!
4/20/2015 c1 5Panoramic Demon
Once again, you have more than outdone yourself. Another beautiful story between two beautiful characters. Definately can't wait to see what couple it next!
4/13/2015 c1 4Faithfully Connected
I absolutely love your series I'm so happy you're making more! this was great, keep it up
4/13/2015 c1 5TMSantos
Love love love love love this story. I think this is my favorite, followed by the story of Professor Thatcher. And yes, it's been a while since your last update but it's totally worth the wait! Now off to vote for the next pair 3
4/11/2015 c1 Arwen
I really like how you built the plot up in this one. It was different from the others, and your writing is just impeccable. Please do not stop writing, as the world would probably collapse on itself. Cause obviously its like the scaffolding of the universe. Anyhow, great work!
4/9/2015 c1 Guest
Wow! Very sensual and HOT.
4/9/2015 c1 Reader
As usual, I love this! I love the character buildup and the fact that there is actually a /plot/. One tiny thing though: somewhere along the 'Love and Pain' rehearsal sequence, you mentioned 'dark blue depths' haha!
4/9/2015 c1 cyberry
I like it. Nice writing. Though, some parts are a little bit boring and I skipped them.

Looking forward to your next story! ️

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