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12/6/2017 c1 DevotedAngelFan
I finished reading the newest book to the series, Stolen! It is so GOOD right now! The suspense at the end just makes me can't wait to read more! I did not see that ending coming though. Seriously I don't know how things are going to turn out now. I mean how does one share an omega? Can that even work or is even possible? I've never even thought about that idea before... Though I'm glad it was brought into light! I usually prefer to just ship the pair, but now it's turn to triple?! Yeah, I don't know how that's going to turn out.. the outcome of it. But it is very interesting~ I'm just wondering how it's going to play out in the future book... Can't wait to see what happens!

My plot ideas for the next book coming is that Ancil will get his revenge on Jacques for separating him with his pregnant wife omega when he already has a beta female that already unconditionally loves him. I'm scared he is going to abusively beat or possibly murder Annette and his newly born heir, along with Jacques. That might happen in the next book possibly...

Also I would love it if in the next book, for Claire and Brenya to meet in person with each other. I feel like they would maybe understand each other and be good long time friends/companions since they both kind of have or share similar things happen to them.

My opinion of the story is that I would love to see more of Claire and Shepherd moments. Possibly if Claire ever fully recovers, maybe she could carry on and ready to start over with Shepherd. Have a family, etc. But it would be pretty interesting what her reaction would be if she knew what really went down in Tholos. Oh what would be even more interesting is if Corday was brought back into the story! And try to take Claire away from Shepherd's grasp. Oh that would keep me on the edge of my seat, to see Corday and Claire speak with another again. That would be really really exciting!

I'm pretty sure everyone hates Ancil's guts, including myself. He is a wife beater and cheater and needs to get out of the story line book.

I feel Brenya is a pretty daring character and brave. Though she may be lacking in emotion because all her life she was brought up like a machine. She is a different character from Claire as she knows how to repair things from being broken and does not really understand humane emotions. She could probably even patch up/repair a broken Claire maybe, if Brenya were more humane. But I still like her. She never gives up and she fights for what she believes is right and justice in her eyes. Like when she vocally stood up for Annette in the banquet. I really like that she chose to do that. I would never have been able to do such a terrifying thing in front of an audience like that. But then again, the justice can kind of contradict the relationship she's in with Jacques now.. Brenya also has this on/off thing with Jacques too.. No idea which side she is going to choose... On the other hand, I like that she feels she has a sense of duty to fulfill and not just to serve Alphas. I can feel that longing adventure from her that she seeks and I hope to see it come true because that is who she truly is on the inside. That is her drive and her passion. She could even come up with a better way to make domes much better than they are now...

As for Jacques, he is an okay character. I have mixed feelings for him. Not the type of guy I expected at all. Really different from Shepherd. Truly, he already knows he's a monster. There are times when I remember he could be quite shrewd and cruel towards Brenya and others, but at the same time he can be really patient and restrain himself pretty well when things go out of hands with her. He likes to dot on her a lot and protect her. Kind of reminds me of Shepherd in this case. I'm not sure what Jacques is feeling is love yet though.. I think she's his potential lover and maybe he plans to marry her. But I'm not quite convinced of it yet. But there's one thing I do know, Jacques is madly Psychotic in his own twisted love for Brenya that's for sure. Will chase her to the end of the world if he has to. Like seriously, will literally kill/harm any man or possibly woman (?) that romantically involves themselves with Brenya in any way. But that kind of makes things really interesting when it comes to Brenya and him. But I dislike the fact that he likes or even thinks to share Brenya with anyone else, because Brenya did not sign up for that. Or maybe, she secretly likes it...? I'm not sure if she does like it or not yet... Or maybe it's just Jacques who likes that kind of stuff... Initially I liked for Jacques and Brenya to be a pair solely. That's what I prefer. I think that's what everyone else thought too, until the surprise twist came at the end~ They were so perfect that way, but not anymore...?

Before, I use to think of Shepherd in the same psychotic way as Jacques, but no. Shepherd genuinely cares for Claire in many ways. He loves her. He's been taking care and looking after her nonstop ever since the last Alpha book series. I totally ship their sail! They are beautiful together.

I can't say much about the newest couplings though because I don't know how that's going to work for all each of them characters... It just got from interesting to complicated. Or I maybe wrong...

I never thought I'd see the day when Jules would be that tempted... xD
I want to know more about his reaction to all of this that is going on. Not much have been shown about him. I never would have seen it from the start! It was well hidden. No wonder Jules and her kept meeting. But I am grateful he's even alive! He's always seem to me like the calm and collected type. Maybe his sense of duty and loyalty can be similar to Brenya as well. I mean they are both talented people and can probably learn from each other. In my opinion, Jules would be a better lover compared to Jacques. I feel Jules would know how to treat someone who he chooses to love. And that got me thinking, does he truly like/love Brenya, or was it just in the heat of the moment decision? If Jules does not truly like Brenya, then that would be a sad thing indeed... And I forget how old Jules was because I know he did once raise a family of his own before, sorrowfully his passed wife and two sons... How could he have even done that then? It would seem that it's his time to move on and not be stuck in time in the past..? Or am I wrong about this..? But is he older than Jacques and Brenya..? Like in his late thirties or close to forty? I am unsure... I don't think I was ever told how old Jules was. Just that he had a family and conflict.. Will have to go back and look later.

Other than that, I would just like to say, keep up the great work! It's really good right now! I will definitely buy and read the next book for sure and pass on my reviews then! Until next time, see you and I hope you have a good rest of your day!
2/15/2017 c3 moonreference
Hi Itzy!

I stopped by your reviews section to see if there were any updates about a release date for BB2B Pt 2 aka "Alpha's Control" and in doing so, realized there are some very lengthy mournful comments here about the ending of "Alpha's Claim."

To other readers, the ending of Alpha's Claim/the Born to be Bound/Bred/Broken series is not confusing. There are unanswered questions because the series is not yet complete. The vagueness of the language towards the end supports the character's mental state, as well as the general environment of chaos (trying very hard not to spoil anything). It's a great cliffhanger. Hopefully no one has been put off by these previous reviews.

Looking forward to the next book!
10/1/2016 c1 Angel
Okay, I just have to share this with you..

I feel like people are trying to bring closure to themselves by saying that you didn't bring closure to the book series. That hating/disliking and leaving you and the book is much easier than taking the time and explaining what you should have done better.
I know that it didn't conclude the way many wanted it to be, but that doesn't mean they have to be so mean about it. I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I don't want it to make you feel discouraged in any way. I respect and admire your passionate writings. And it is your world, your choice whether you wanted it to end that way.

I know and understand like most, I'm disappointed.. Sad even, and I still wait for the closure, the beacon of hope that the series didn't end just like that. I feel that you should have made it into a conclusive ending from the start. And that if you wanted that part of the world to end, if you intended for that universe, that world to end, in a not happily ever after, that you should have concluded it in some way that made more sense in that way to the readers.
Instead you let it end to the reader's open conclusive imagination and judgment. But what I really wanted to know and feel from you, was for you to tell us, the readers, to conclude for us, that is this really the end for Claire and Shepherd?

We needed answers. What happened to the other characters who were shown constantly in the story? Did Jules save Shepherd? Is Jules even alive? Who donated to help Claire when she was ounces away from death? What about the virus? Who saved Shepherd if he really is
still alive? There are a ton of questions, readers like myself still are wondering about. That's why we feel incomplete the way we do. I think it would be best if everyone could come up with questions and send it to you in an email box or open discussion about the story. That way, you would know what things you didn't touch base on and how you can further answer and add to improve the story and fill in the gaps. You don't have to answer them though if you're still continuing the story and not wanting to spoil anything. But it would be nice to hear or know these answers if that wasn't the case or if it wasn't addressed..

I wanted to mention also that Shepherd and Claire should have been reunited in a more knowing way so many readers would clearly understand that their deaths did happen and to stop questioning and wondering about it.
And if Claire really did die, to have shown a descriptive image that she did not make it after all. That she laid on that cold sea of winter bed never to wake up from again. Another thing that was not well understood, was the scene where Claire ran out of the building she was staying and healing in. She is described climbing, but not sure of what exactly. It was not really descriptive and more vague if she was high on top of another building or if she was on the first floor of the building. Her surroundings needed to be more clarified. Some thinks Claire is on flat ground, some thinks she is on top of a huge building and fell in order to get to Shepherd. It needed to be more clarified. There were a lot of missing scenes or details for the third book in that sense unless it was lead that way on purpose for another future plot..

I hope that you would take this in mind, to consider for future stories. I mean the first two books, both are excellent and well executed because there were no questions that needed to be asked because most were answered and understood in those two books or would hope to be answered later in the future of the series. And for these many reasons, I feel that's mostly where the dislike, discord and disappointment rushed in..

And as much as I wanted to know mainly and mostly only about Claire and Shepherd, I also grew to develop affection and interests in the other supporting characters who were close to the main characters as well. Of their actions and whereabouts such like Jules and Maryanne. I really like seeing them interacting with the other characters from their perspective and personality.

That reminded me that I also like the third person point of view, that story telling for the characters in the Alpha Claim story, which I forgot to mention before in my earlier posts..

But anyway, I hope this helps you to see more of what my thoughts are and of what other readers might be thinking as well... and I will still continue to be a supportive fan of your passionate work. I really do like your story telling. 3 This series is my most favorite of all. I love this series and I still remember the old title for it on this site too lol.
If I have anymore future reactions or thoughts, I'll make sure to come again. And I wish you the best!

-To the Author, from your dear fan. 3
10/1/2016 c1 Angel

What I did like in the third book though was the showing more of Shepherd's telepathy understanding towards Claire that hid her true emotions. I like that he was not confused in how he felt towards her. He knew what he wanted and of what Claire wanted. I was also glad to see more of the two betas talking to each other. It was what I wanted to see more of too which I enjoyed their conversations. I can tell Jules also has this amusing, charismatic personality when he speaks with others. He likes a challenge I feel and is mainly serious. He does not like Corday at all and maybe it's the same unvocalized reason Dane doesn't favor Corday. I was surprised to know that Jules even spared him, gave him a chance at survival. But I did like that they had more conversation between the two betas. It was interesting indeed. I also like the quotes from Sun Tzu and how Claire use it in their relationship, that was a great feature to add in. The quotes taught me a few things or two too. For example, like the one about "disorder came from order, fear came from courage, weakness came from strength" I thought it was the other way around, but it made sense in instances that Claire saw of Tholos. Also the one about “It is easy to love your friend, but sometimes the hardest lesson to learn is to love your enemy.” That was a good one too for Claire and Shepherd case. I also love that Shepherd and Claire's relationship turned towards a better, more intimate and healing direction. The focus and depths of these two characters, how they learned of each other and their interactions. I'll never forget it. 3

I dare say I was starved for more, to seek more.. I wanted a new chapter of what happened to them later in the future. It would have been nice to know in my opinion.. It seems I wrote a bit too much.. I'll have to end it here.;;

I want to let you know, it was an exciting and thrilling story! I enjoyed it lots. 3 Please continue to write more. Your story and characters inspire me to creatively continue to grasp at writing as well. I hope you don't work too hard and rest lots. Take care and have a good day!

-To the Author, from your fan. 3
10/1/2016 c1 Angel
OR more likely that he was going back to the dome to recover Shepherd since he is a sworn follower and have deep loyalty towards Shepherd. He was missing in action, but I feel that Jules is still alive. He has to be.

There was a scene, where both Claire and Shepherd was down and unconscious. She sadly miscarried and he with no strength left in him. Their last seeing each other. It was a heart broken moment. I feel that there should have been a scene where Jules or someone comes to rescue them. Like possibly Jules alone and or maybe a small team of followers with him approached and found the two while wondering about the dome and brought them to shelter and helped them in secret. I kind of wanted a bit of secure that Shepherd truly wasn't dead.. I mean it was hinted towards the end that Shepherd is still alive, but there was a lack of confirmation still..

The ending scene, as I agree with most. To be honest, it made me feel empty inside, robbed me of emotion. Though I cried too.. I can't move on to read another book because I still felt like there was more to it than just that. I don't feel it concluded.. I guess kind of like Corday when he thinks if Claire is still alive or not. It felt unsatisfying because I really wanted Concrete information about Claire and Shepherd. I wanted to see the Dialogue between these two at the end to actually confirm if they are truly alive in the end. In my heart, I know they both are alive happily even if it does kind of feel unsettling to know if it's true. Because that ending scene keeps getting at me, it wasn't really clarified enough, leaving it to my imagination. At first, it did feel like Claire jumped off a building and died of suicide like described earlier in the series about most cases of Omegas when they lose their bonded pair. That what Dane told Corday was just something to avoid the bigger truth. Maybe she secretly striked a deal with Shepherd to keep Claire safe until the right moment. I mean, she even admitted that Shepherd wasn't the enemy.. I mean, I want to believe that both Claire and Shepherd are alive, but I can't quite believe it because I need that Dialogue, that Concrete evidence. That black warmth could have meant she met her downfall or she is truly in the arms of her love. Gosh, I know Shepherd was alive, I want to believe it so bad. But I just need that extra chapter or like a side story to confirm it for me.. It torments me to no end to know of that kind of ending.. It just feels unsure to me. I kind of hope you would have concluded it instead of mysteriously leaving it to the minds of readers to decide haha. I hope I'm not deluding myself mentally to comfort my weak heart if in the case that it was a real tragedy that she died with him whether he was alive or not.;; I really do not favor that kind of ending.. It is a tragic end, but also a conclusive one.. But seriously no. I don't favor that ending. Because of that, I am going to believe that they both lived in the end, even if it doesn't feel conclusive. It would be really nice to know of a conclusion for them both though.. I would feel more so assured than a vague feeling of them being alive..
9/30/2016 c1 Guest
I am heartbroken by the ending.. I am crying so much.. I cry every time I think of it! Of Claire and Of Shepherd! T_Y I feel broke. I feel torn. Like I'm sailing a storm. Like I'm not whole. Without that perfect ending.. Why did it have to end that way? I want to see Claire and Shepherd together! My heart is hurting so bad.. It wants to blame, aches for a better ending..! Why must end it like that? Why must my heart ache and break...? Why must I feel so incomplete. I wish I never had a heart.. I want to rip it out of my chest and shove it in a box. That way I can read without feeling this wretched pain in my heart. I can't move on. And it's because of that awful ending. That unsatisfying ending! I won't, I can't feel better without seeing those two together! I love those two and I WANT THEM TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. I feel so incomplete...
9/30/2016 c1 Guest
Love it!
9/30/2016 c1 Angel
Hi! I hope you are doing well. _ I purchased the third book right away as soon as I caught news about its release. I was really excited to have finally gotten to read it. I finished reading the third book and I can't believe it already ended. That was quick, I wanted even more to be revealed and added to the story haha. I really do adore this book though. There is no other book that even compares to be of a similar great read from beginning to end like this one. It's a fascinating read! I really like the story, the characters and the romance of it all. I will reread this series whenever I feel missed about it. But I have SO many after thoughts about the final book. It really stirred a lot of dwelling emotions and thoughts inside me. Things that I would like to mention and bring to view about..

First of all, I'm glad and overjoyed that Shepherd and Claire have finally opened up to their true feelings about one another and mended their bond to a much loving and healthier one. It was beautiful and heartfelt. I really like how the story mainly focused on and around these two characters and how they developed together towards one another. It was the thing I mostly really wanted to see in the book. How they would transform each other to something they would never have solely accomplished to know in themselves. It was a blessing they met I feel. They are perfect for each other, in soul and body. Because if they never met that one fateful day, we wouldn't be reading this story lol. But I'm glad, like Shepherd mention every now and then, it was destiny their paths crossed that day.

In Shepherd's case. He is an attractive and amusingly charismatic character that I can't bring to hate in the story. There are times when I disliked the things he tend to have overlooked, like the matters with Svana, but I can never dislike his overall character. Shepherd truly love Claire and treated her with affection. Sure they had their short lived quarrels, but he didn't curse at her, call her swear names, he didn't strike or beat at her physically for no reason. He was always patient, understanding and truly cared for her. I really wanted him to feel blissful peace and endless happiness with the one he chose and love. I felt, no one, not even Corday, can love Claire like he does.

I was so glad when Shepherd finally realized about Svana's treachery. He even felt that urge to kill her and rip her to shreds. Meaning that from that point on he didn't even care for Svana's being and Jules thought a good thing to do just that even without his consent. But thanks to Claire, Shepherd had finally come to face to terms with his hidden, kept emotions with Svana. Then after, fully devoted and dedicated to her truly. From book 2, I never would have thought for Shepherd to develop in such a way like in book 3. I thought he would stay by Svana's side to the end. Which I kind of felt he still favored Svana to live until to the point where she went too far and now would not care about her. I'm glad she is gone from the story. She brought only selfish, manipulative troubled desire and corruption in her wake...

But I feel the same devotion and love that Shepherd had, that unconditional passion he has, that it goes for Claire too. She is a strong-willed, enduring, stubborn, smart and beautiful woman. She may have gone mad in her turmoil, denied and rejected Shepherd a whole many times, but I feel she was scared of the change happening in her life. She was raised a certain way and kept to her ideals, but when her ideals were all for not, when Tholos fell into corruption, she was unable to fully cope and adapt to the change in her surroundings. Claire clinged to her good, false hope and justice to survive the chaos around her. She always believed that the good would triumphed the bad. She didn't want to face reality. She just wanted to keep on dreaming, constantly looking outside the window and always wanted freedom and rebellious to feel like she was young like a child towards how she thought of life which the society allowed her to somewhat be in the beginning, making her naive to the evil darkness she did not keenly know of. But as an individual, by meeting Shepherd, knowing more about him and the situation that she was forced to realize that such an order, a way of civilized life didn't exist anymore.. She didn't realize the value, what was meant for her survival of life in the dome at first. Claire didn't want to be forced or tied down by another to survive, she wanted to be free in her choosing and rebellious like a child if she didn't get what she wanted. But when she became a mother, knew she was carrying a child was real and knew of the chaos throughout Tholos, she felt the need to get herself together and face her reality and to stop avoiding it. She knew she could not escape her nature or fate no matter how much she wanted it to not be true. Like Shepherd mention a few times, she could not deny her true nature no matter her hidden ways to disguise them. In that sense, I feel she needed support because she was weak, fragile, reckless in her state of mind and the only person who could truly understand and fully offer to help her to move forward was Shepherd and he did just that. Towards the end, Shepherd had helped Claire to further know herself and brought her more confidence in her capabilities and in herself. Meeting him brought a new growth to herself. And I cannot even imagine, she suffered so much throughout the whole series. It was painful, heartbreaking even as she was so conflicted with so many ill emotions and obstacles. But in time, she endured and withstood it. Claire has grown and changed so much through her journey, from a spoiled, naive young woman to a more mature and wise women. I feel she's a remarkable character with lots of growth development. I feel the same for Shepherd as well.

In the other hand, Corday didn't advance towards a new growth, he didn't develop instead taking a step backwards or further down in development. Furthering opposite of Claire and Shepherd. Throughout the whole story, he did not seem to change, not even for the better. Instead, still holding the same emotions he always kept. Always envisioning that same image of a broken and fragile Claire in his mind and still waiting for Claire's inspiring cause. If possible, he might even intend to take her away from Shepherd forever. I'm kind of glad that he didn't know about Claire in the end. He would never stop seeking Claire. Maybe it was a good idea that Dane kept this info of Claire from him in the end. I think it was for the best. I mean he was likable at first as a helpful and thoughtful friend and he was very supportive of Claire, but now I feel indifferent towards his character. I feel he would try to persuade or take her away to leave Shepherd even if she did confess that Shepherd was the one she chose. I don't think Corday should get in the way of their bond. In that sense, it was best to just leave him in secret about the two.

Dane, I think she is just very clever in keeping quiet, hiding her intentions and not stepping onto any boundaries. I was kind of suspicious of her at first, but paid no real attention to her until maybe towards the ending. But I also can't keep the feeling that she wanted it to end in that way. For the two groups to resist each other and for her to be the Premier in the end. I kind of feel that, that was her intention all along, but I don't know for sure.. She keeps a lot of hidden secrets to herself..

Also, I wanted to mention that at the end, when Claire mentioned about Martin, I feel that he was the Follower who donated his blood to keep her alive. He was on the verge of death, possibly already severely injured, but he was a very good Follower to Shepherd and it sounded like he would always keep to his word. That's why I feel he was the one who helped in Claire to recover as well.

Jules is the most loyal, right-handed man in the series. He can be an intelligently cruel, charming, calculative person, but he was loyal to Shepherd and his cause right to the very end. I'm glad to know that Jules finally had his vengeance because if someone else stolen away that role to end Svana's life, to take that opportunity from him, he would never settle with that fact emotionally. I kind of feel he never intended for Corday or anyone to finish Svana off because I felt it was a really personal matter for Jules and he was eager to be the one to end Svana's life for all the treacherous things she's done to them. He was the first to even volunteer for the hunt for Svana to Shepherd. The reason why he left Corday alone and didn't finish him off, I feel it was maybe mercy on his part. But I kind of felt that if Corday did end Svana's life, Jules would have killed him too.. But since Corday didn't, Jules let him go.. I guess I was wrong about the fact that Shepherd would be angry about Jules ending Svana's life. I don't he would have a problem with that now after reading book 3. It's also unforgivable what she did to Claire towards the end. To think that she was in on them the whole time, in close quarters, spied on Shepherd and Claire the whole time... About Svana, I'm relieved that her purpose and fury failed. I think we all agree on that. Maybe she should have gotten a more slower death, that would have been a more deserving and fitting death for her end I feel. Now I understand why Claire kept having that nightmare of being had in the Undercroft cell.. Her tormenting nightmares.. They were all a prophecy, a sign in the end to warn her which even I didn't know until the end... About Jules, he didn't aboard the flight, and instead returned back to the dome with medical aid kit in his hands. He possibly did that because one, he was injured in some way, by the resisting group that undoubtedly saw him with Svana's body or by some firearm or machine of some sort. OR more likely that he was going back to the dome to recover She
9/16/2016 c1 LittleGrowl
You don't even know how excited I am to have come across this. I used to have this story and Sigil bookmarked on AO3 and then you deleted them and I was so sad. Now I know why! YAY!
9/14/2016 c1 Guest
disappointed in Book 3, no HEA or closure. :-/ makes me doubt if Sigil is worth following when/if it comes out.
9/6/2016 c3 dipsydoodle1
Ordered your 3rd book in the series and absolutely loved it. The ending killed me, but was fitting for the story.
9/5/2016 c3 Kuramalover2006
it says $4.99
9/3/2016 c1 Guest
Yes. :)

All three books are on Apple/Itunes. Born to be Bound, Born to be Broken, and Reborn by Addison Cain.

9/3/2016 c1 Guest
Will all the books be on Apple books? Please someone respond
7/10/2016 c1 Angel
Hi! I just want to say that this story is exactly the kind of book I would want to pick up and read at my leisure. I'm so thankful a book like this even produced and so glad I even stumbled upon it because I've been looking for a story that has these kinds of elements for a very long time! So thank you for creating and producing such an amazing read of a story!

I purchased both of the books and have been really in love with the story ever since! I love the dark elements of the story and the complicated, psychological emotions that each characters deals with. This book is my favorite out of all the books I read. I love the imagery of the sexual scenes too, it's just so exciting and entertain a read! 3 I have yet to read and is waiting for the third book to be released this coming summer 2016. I can't wait! 3 I'm definitely hoping that this next book will be just as good as a read as the last previous two I purchased.

In the book, my least favorite character is Svana. She's just so manipulative and Shepherd doesn't really see that.. It feels or seems like Shepherd still have some kind of attachment to Svana. Like he owes her or something.. I find it not fair that he will forgive or tolerate her for her wrong acts, but if someone else he would not mind to harshly punish that person. If Shepherd can't bring himself to end Svana, my bet is on Jules. If Jules does somehow accomplish this, I think that would mean he would have to prepare to end his life.. Only if he does go that route I think.

Also, after learning about Jules, he has such a sad and heart wrenching past. I could almost taste his vengeance.. I feel sorrow for him though. It must have been hard for him to be put through such an ordeal. I can only guess that Shepherd had saved him from his misery.. But Jules must have been a good husband and father for his wife and two sons I feel.. For a moment there, I thought Corday was Jules son at first, but after the summary of Corday's past, I was wrong. But it might have been interesting if Corday was Jules son I think..? I don't really know the difference of their ages so.. Oh, but there was a scene I wanted to see in book 2 when Jules and his team were to go after Corday. The readers never got to find out what happened to Corday after he left Claire, the day she was going to commit suicide. But I'm guessing nothing much because Corday was fine the next couple of days after.. But I kind of wanted to see an interaction between these two character Betas because I feel it would be interesting to know how they communicate to one another. Also, I find that Corday is like Claire's innocent, naive self in a way..

On the other hand, my favored character is Claire because I feel she and I are alike in a few or some ways of how we think. Our justified ways of thinking and of our carefully planned and pictured future, but hers was ruined.. I fear she will die with her baby and it's the ending I wouldn't like to see or favor.. She struggles so much, sometimes it kind of makes me no longer want to see her in this situation and agree that if she so wish it, her suicide, to be freed from such troubling things in her life. She have been through so much, it's hard to read. But at the same time, some part of me doesn't want her to because if she does, Shepherd would already be done with the Dome and maybe.. Possibly commit his own suicide.. I don't think he could ever find anyone no never find anyone like his Claire again and can't bear to continue to live without her there by his side. Even if he could, I don't think he can last long.. If not by death, go more and more evilly insane.. But anyway, Claire is the only one that he has tried to open up too and has tried to crack his way of emotionally thinking. I want to say, I feel what Shepherd is saying is right too. That he saw an opportunity and he took it. I think by book two meaning that they were meant for one another... There is no sane mind that can tolerate Shepherd's evil as much as Claire has. Claire IS his weakness and possibly, his death. Her choices, decisions and actions. She is already his holy goddess that he wanted and did not want to further plague her mind to taint of the outside. That's why he protects her so. He is trying to make an Eden with her which Claire is not fond of and does not want to be apart of. It is everything that he calculatingly pictured for his future with his mate.. Or maybe I'm just wrong and maybe at his core, he really is just a psychotic, inhumanely evil and calculative individual. Also, it wasn't said in the book, but I think Shepherd can read Claire's mind? Kind of telepathic. I don't think he is telepathic towards Svana, but for Claire he can? Even before the pair-bond, he could read her mind. Like in the first book, that one scene where he claims her virginity, that in that instant, in high estrous and in mind, she wanted to be pair-bonded with him. He knew that so does that mean is he slightly telepathic? It wasn't clearly addressed in the books.. I just assumed he could read her mind simply because he had the power too..? I know he can sense her emotions, but of Claire's mind, I don't really know. I hope this will be addressed. )

I can't believe this is just a trilogy book series! I wanted for it to continue more than three volumes, but that's fine too. But anyway, I never imagined your book would be so favored by such a handful! If I have anymore questionable thoughts, I will make sure to feel free and write more of these for you to think about. You're doing a great job of the story and hope you don't work yourself too hard. Remember to take some time off for rest too!
Have a good day! _

-To the Author, from your fan. 3
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