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for Shibuya Night

4/25/2015 c1 Guest
Aww I really like this one. It really feels like you're outside a cafe. Very nice. Love neon 3

Your twin,
Kati 3
4/26/2015 c1 14Virtuella
I think this poem expresses very well a sense of youthful exuberance. This comes across in the repetition of “faster” and in the contrasting image of the old men. It comes across in the imagery of the first few lines, the white-hot ghosts, the neon bones, the glowing eyes, all images of states of high energy. This makes the speaker seem like a highly-strung, slightly manic person who is in search of intense thrills in this urban environment. Towards the end, though, we move away from the impressions of speed and energy to a more reflective mood, where the speaker affirms their ability to communicate with the other person via unusual channels. This speaks of an extraordinary relationship and throws a new light on the invitations in the first lines – if the speaker can read the other person’s mind, then they are either suggesting doing things the other person wants (in which case, why even suggest, why not just go ahead?) or things to distract the other person from something else they are thinking. An interesting and thought-provoking poem.

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