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for Blood Destiny

9/29/2015 c2 2Ray-Anne
I honestly can't even make it through the second chapter. You have spelling errors and grammar errors up the cahoodle. I'm typically not very picky about that either. It's also really (already) not quite jogging up. Firstly, I am an officer so I want to nitpick but that's not really fair. Suffice to say you might want to do some research. But also she gets in the apt, you say the other residents are sleeping - but outside is still some daylight? You gotta think about things like that.

Anyway, I might try to finish this later but I think you should consider a beta. :)
9/9/2015 c20 Guest
yes sequel
9/9/2015 c20 DarkAngelicMyth
Amazing story! Wish it was longer, but a sequel will suffice. :) I really do hope do write a sequel.
9/8/2015 c20 Vikki S
Absolutely for a sequel! I really enjoyed this story, and I would love to see Alex go on other adventures. And Gabriel is a great character, would love to see something happen there.
7/30/2015 c3 DarkAngelicMyth
Awesome story! Just a little tip, re-check your grammar before posting the chapter. There are a few tiny errors. But overall, great work!
6/3/2015 c5 Katus
This is fucking amazing! I'm really enjoying this story so far! Wanna know what's gonna happend next. Good job

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