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for The Way the Chips Fall

8/5/2015 c7 dipsydoodle1
He's probably thinking the same thing she is. Drawn to her, but wishing he wasn't.
8/5/2015 c7 5Solipsist
Ugh Damien is so frustrating, but I can't help but love him! So good looking forward to so much more!
7/21/2015 c6 Selice
The lemons were worth the wait! I love how they are both confused about their relationship and both commitment phobic, it adds to their fireworks and I can't wait for their next encounter. I love the length of the chapters and the details of your descriptions. I am looking forward to her going back to work and to what the reactions of her colleagues are going to be. If they are treating her differently, and also if he is going to insert himself daily into her work life.

Thanks for the great update
7/22/2015 c6 iamanacorn
The lemon was TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT! It had that slow paced start wrought with sexual tension and the dialogue during it was so sensual. I need a fan right now! :D
I find the way Alexia left things rather refreshing compared to other stories regarding one night stands (not that there's anything wrong with those either- who doesn't like a good fluff story). I like how despite her attraction to Damien, she considers the possibility of a relationship with him logically and realistically.
Even though Damien going behind her back to research her past is bloody creepy, it suits the way you have presented him as a character- possessive and a tad controlling.
Her friends and their names is still a little confusing (don't know if this just applies to me), but not that much.
Update soon!
7/21/2015 c6 Becsdj
Somebody turn on the fan, it just got hot in here!
7/12/2015 c5 Nat
Can I just say HOLY MOLY. You have created an artwork. Even though the plot (currently- DO NOT FEEL OBLIGED IN ANY WAY TO CHANGE THIS) is a little cliche, the amount of detail in this story is just the icing on this fabulicious story. The way you have paced it is pretty good (please don't rush it towards the end like other authors do- this is again a suggestion)...I am really curious about what she does in the lab though. Some more detail on the relationship with her colleagues would be great as it gets a little confusing with all of them grouped together (maybe solidifying their exact roles in the company and more interactions as right now it pretty much is just Ali and Damien which is bloody great too). I REALLY LIKE DAMIEN AS A CHARACTER. He's overly possessive, intense and confident. He knows what he wants and knows that he aways gets what he wants. Ali is a fav too with her independence (not overly so which is even better) and knows what she's doing isn't the best (gotta love characters who aren't naive/ignorant). LOVING THIS especially with the long chapters...such a treat :)
Update soon!
7/8/2015 c5 Lovelygyrl96
Great chapter I really enjoyed it. Please update soon!
7/5/2015 c5 Guest
Great story thank you for the update! Does Blake want this to go longer than a single night? He seems to be acting like he wants more and yet he's not the kind of guy that does that. Is he so sure of Alexis and is he going to be respectful of her actual wishes?
7/5/2015 c5 Selice
Found your story today and I quite enjoy it. Wondering what Damien is hiding. Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/5/2015 c5 Twin
Really enjoying this story! Continue the great work :) x
6/24/2015 c4 1MiseryLovedHer
This was sooo satisfyingly long. Well-written, though I sense hints of 50 Shades for sure...but at least with much more depth :) i am even starting to guess at his hobbies after all the 50 Shades' references & hints
6/22/2015 c4 5HopelessGenius
Wicked story you've got going on here. Not going to lie, a few of these aspects really remind me of Fifty Shades of Grey. Mostly the CEO billionaire at a young age, flying hobby, and arrogant attitude aspect of Damien. But let me tell you, I enjoy your writing much, much more, and the plot is...well a plot. They're actually doing something, not just having mindless sex and complaining about mommy issues.

This has a great start, and I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. In particular, I'm looking forward to the after dinner fun ;)
6/9/2015 c1 poopeepoop
I am intrigued. Is this going to be scifi story?
6/6/2015 c3 Guest
Is the director her father? Please don't let her give up her convictions at least until he shows that he genuinely respects her. Please update soon!
6/6/2015 c3 LOLFISH
I'm actually loving it! The only thing is I'm getting mixed up with all the friends like kellan, stewie, Catie, them guys! But carry the story on as you are, can't wait for the next chapter.
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