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for Division 47: The mystery of the Piper's Flute

7/11/2015 c6 SOpris14
I am more than hooked and I appreciate the research - I've already learned some things that I don't remember reading before now. I'm so excited to find out what happens next! Loved it!
7/7/2015 c6 Guest
Love the way still refers to Oliver as Olive Oyl Don't know much about the Black Dog legends are they sot of werewolves great story love the twists especially the rude Fuller woman.
7/6/2015 c5 SOpris14
I can't believe it!I have watched so many episodes of CSI and I had no idea of all these names LEO, CEP, CSM - great research! Absolutely loved this chapter! And Tony :)
7/1/2015 c5 Susan
I can't wait for the next chapter.
6/30/2015 c5 Lunachas
Love the story but the format is all over the place I'm guessing that's Word
I can never get it to wrap properly either
6/23/2015 c4 SOpris14
Beautifully written, like the best literary fiction! This is a dense, highly detailed chapter! I enjoyed immensely reading CH4! Don't have to say that I can't wait for the next chapter...:)
6/23/2015 c3 SOpris14
Nice twist, the story becomes more interesting with each chapter. Keep up the good work! :)
6/23/2015 c4 Lunachas
Ooh a flashback to first story Excellent But what about the girl's body on Plateau The Sheriff's grsandaughter?
6/17/2015 c3 Guest
Oh man they cheated the Piper just like in the original story and I'm betting you are going to have a deaf kid and a blind one too love this tale please post next chap soon
6/17/2015 c3 Lunachas
Ooh the plot thickens
6/11/2015 c2 SOpris14
I like the references to the Irish legend and the story just keeps getting better!
Please speed up interval between chapters :))
6/5/2015 c2 Lunachas
This is getting creepier creepier I'm scared of clowns 2
5/31/2015 c1 SOpris14
Looks like you've done some serious research :) This is the start of a gripping mystery tale, with my fave characters, Tony and Oliver. Loved it!
5/30/2015 c1 Lunachas
Woo Creepy
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