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for Akatsuki (Vol 4)

10/30/2015 c9 4Mokii
That first part of the chapter was so sad! I really felt it when Sadami mentioned the promise they made when they were kids and how Tobi broke it by trying to drown himself. I guess it really got to me because it just showed how much Sadami cares about Tobi (even going as far to call him his brother ). Reminds me of my friendship with my best friends, where we all call each other sisters.

I'm loving these flashbacks though and how they're elaborating on Tobi's character and all these flashbacks lead him to the person he is now. I'm looking forward to some more character development then in the next volume seeing as there's so many flashbacks .

Though maybe it's just me, but when you went back to the main storyline, I felt like it interrupted the flow of the chapter for me. I'm not sure if there's a way for you to make it flow more back into the flashbacks or maybe move it next time xD

Other than that, love this chapter! And I love Tobi and Sadami's brotherly relationship :D
8/11/2015 c8 Mokii
Tobi's little episodes are getting worse and worse, he could've seriously hurt Chikako if he didn't snap of it. Luckily he did at the right time.

And the next part of the flashback with Mokota was interesting, it looks like it was around this time when Tobi started to feel comfortable around her. Looks like you're going to keep showing these flashbacks until her death. I know you probably have an idea of what you're going to do with it.

Haha, that little compliment from Hanna caught him off guard! It made me laugh, seeing his confused reaction!

Finally, I'm all caught up! Now, I hope you update soon! I know you're probably busy writing xD
8/11/2015 c7 Mokii
As always, the conversations between Akiko and Kurosawa are so tense. Its like every time they speak to each other, you can feel the clash in ideals and beliefs. But now I'm wondering if anything happened to Kurosawa in the past that made him think New Humans are natural-born killers. I wonder if we're going to see more of Kappel's daughter since she was briefly mentioned a couple of times. I have a feeling she's going to eventually pop up when it's least expected.

Hehe, Sadami's really fallen far for Chiharu, especially since he's having those dreams of her. And then Howl had to come and ruin his fun! It made me giggle like crazy xD

I'm almost caught up!
8/11/2015 c6 Mokii
Finally back on track!

Anyways, this was a really sweet chapter! I guess this is more of a chapter where you expand on characters and their relationships, especially between Sadami and Chiharu (which I'm predicting might lead up to something big in the future ).

Anyways, I was surprised Chiharu opened up to him like that considering how she's only using him. Unless it was just one of those moments where she felt the need to, or make it more believeable. I don't know, she has Sadami wrapped around her finger, makes you wonder if her feelings are genuine or not.

And those moments with Chikako, Howl and Tobi . For a cute little dog, Howl is really strong if he managed to grab the toy and her arm! That was sweet of Chikako to buy him a present! And that sentimental moment from Tobi... he now has to force himself to be rude to her to hide that soft spot he as for her now.

Onto the next chapter!
6/28/2015 c5 Mokii
This was a shorter chapter. Not much to say since it's mostly backstory and hanging out with the gang.

The part where it describes Motoka having her heart broken because of affection was interesting. It almost sounds as though she was lonely. Now that I think about it, her reaction to Tobi asking her if she's a mother also seemed to be lonely. Now I want to know a little more about Motoka's past, since it might've been why she committed suicide.

Hehe, Tobi's got a stalker, but it seems like Hanna's got some ulterior motives, especially since she went through all that trouble to find Tobi. I'm pretty sure she's also connected to the lab in some way...

Almost caught up! :D
6/26/2015 c4 Mokii
So sorry I'm late .

First of all, I like how all the backstory is connecting back to main story so that there's no plotholes.

Now I know how Motoka came into the picture, I always thought she adopted him from the orphanage. I probably should've expected Tobi run after the incident. Though, I'm wondering how Motoka feels about suddenly adopting him. Not a criticism since I know that it's from Tobi's point of view and not Motoka's. Just wondering since her emotions didn't come up as much during this chapter.

I guess the next chapter will cover how Motoka and Tobi lived until she commited suicide. I'm still wondering why she would commit suicide, but I'm sure you'll reveal it sooner or later.

It's pretty late now, so I'll continue reading tomorrow
6/17/2015 c3 Mokii
How could those kids do that to Vincent? And here I thought Vincent simply moved away or got transferred to a different orphanage. But instead that had to happen to him... just how big was that rock anyways?

Though, that triggered some kind of alterego Tobi has named Masato. Ohh, this makes sense now why he doesn't recognize the name Tobi when he snaps or becomes different. I wonder if that's the same for all New Humans or if it's just exclusive to Tobi. It's like I got my answers but more questions were raised. I want to know more about the origins of Masato, which you'll eventually bring up.

I like how you gave Tobi some fears when he was a child. Even though he's not completely human, he still has fears of his own.

Can't wait for the next chapter! Not really sure what next chapter will bring since the ending can be seen in two ways xD

Just realized I forgot to follow the story :P

Anyways, update soon~
6/11/2015 c2 Mokii
Sorry I took so long! Had an English assignment to finish ;-;

We finally get to see this Vincent person Tobi would mention from time to time. He reminds me a lot of Sadami, except he's more carefree and less anxious. Even though you said he was French, I keep imagining him as a small South Asian boy.

Can't believe those kids at the orphanage would do that to him. It was more like they were possessed by demons insead of the other way around. Luckily, they got caught by the nurses.

I forgot if this's been touched upon in earlier volumes, but what happened to Vincent? Or did he end up like the other kids in the oprhanage?

Anyways, update soon! :3
6/11/2015 c1 Mokii
And we open with a shopping trip!

I think Tobi suspects Chiharu, maybe he has a feeling she has ulterior motives? On the other hand, I think he's annoyed by Sadami's affection towards her and wish she'd go away.

Chikako and Chiharu seem to get along, but I have a feeling Chikako might reveal too much if she talks about Tobi. That might cause more problems if she says too much.

And the kid at the end, they should know not to talk to strangers! Either way, it's the first time (other than in flashbacks) where we see someone call him a freak. Poor Tobi, I hope he knows that he's not truly alone, that he has Sadami and Chikako (and Howl!) with him. Maybe someone needs to get it in his head again :P

Shall read the next chapter a little later!

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