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6/15/2015 c1 EasyPZ
I loved this so much. Would read a whole book about these people if I could.
6/15/2015 c1 Grace
Count me in as a reader for this! Love it already. GREAT opening sentence. Wonderful characterization as well as Hazel's physical descriptions, and I love the closing line. Makes me want to read the whole book! Also, I love the setting, and demographics. Looking forward to this one, Vera! :)
6/14/2015 c1 Deborah
What a lovely read! A lot of love story in 615 words. Hazel's intense anger, so easily defused by the sight of the man she loves. Can imagine their granddaughter, finding this insight into her family. The last line is perfect.
6/14/2015 c1 Cansei de Ser Sexy
Ah, remembering this. I'm still laughing the casualness of the "groom", the way he causally smokes while being late in his damn wedding! He's like a star from Hollywood, he he.

The ending made me smile again. But I just noticed it now, what's "indiscretion" actually meaning here? Can you elaborate?

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