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for The Path Before Me

4/7/2003 c1 cwg
thats sad :'(
1/9/2002 c1 Alendalian
Wow... this is good, although I have to agree with Pandora about the censorship... I wrote a poem where I blantently said I hated my friend Andy, and he will never come across it because he has no life and doesn't know of this site... but, yeas... reminds me of a Sucide Story I wrote... This is strong.
11/30/2001 c1 geombear
that's deep stuff there :)

nice, seems like a poem, maybe you could share it next year in creative writing :)

nice description, you didn't use the words "as if" or "seemed to" or stuff to make it seem like a metaphor, but maybe the guy *is* in a forest, you're the writer :)
10/9/2001 c1 1Elij
Packed with strong emotion! Good! Well written. Ever read Dostoevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov" or any of John Brunner's sci fi novels? Same kind of pervading feeling in their novels...
9/2/2001 c1 7FyireChildesDream
6/21/2001 c1 Raven Beauty2
UUUUUU I LIKE very well spoken I just loved it BEAUTIFULLY writen and I mean that, and pleaze im running low on reviews so pleaze check out my poems k PLEAZE thankx bye =^_^=

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