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6/27/2019 c33 6Darth Zannacross
Ah...so we are clearly just at the end of the level, not the end of the " Game" so to speak. Looks like Uhdros is going to make things even more messy, hope he's not as underwhelming as the Night King ended up in Game of Thrones lol.

Guess we are at the end of the line here so I'll try and give a overall review. Faux is a interesting guy. We had are rough but heroic thieves before but Faux stands out enough with his wit and charm and all that.

Sounds like he's just now realizing what he's getting into. With some tragic loss not sure how this will effect him going on. Will he become a more direct hero or become even more of a murderer fueled by rage?

We will see, Aboleth and Jynx are fun to. Bad guys are not much more then standard flair so far but, there is still time for them to stand out.

Action was well done, did not break new ground but it hit home when it counted. Well, hope we can see if Faux can avenge Ahanna or not, hope your willing to check out more ZIlos one day and till next time Angry Ferrets.
6/24/2019 c32 Darth Zannacross
Damn, it looked like Aboleth's power healed her at the end of the last chapter? Guess that was just to make it less painful...damn.

Well, Faux took a rather big hit, but at least its not Game of Throne's level bleakness as he has a place to stay and at least things are not to frosty with Ahanna.

So...guess we are not getting a final battle this story...well, lets see how things wrap up.
6/23/2019 c31 Darth Zannacross
Damn it, THIS close and they pulled a 24 like stunt and killed her at the last moment...welp...someone's about to be owned hardcore, hopefully.

Well, they got out but things are clearly a bit of a broken mess all over. Only a few chapters left, so we will see what the aftermath of this tragic day ends up being.

But, thanks to the holy dwarf it was not a TOTAL lost...for now.

Well, lets see how this ends up.
6/21/2019 c30 Darth Zannacross
Well, things are getting tense. Ankier did a damn good job but numbers can take down the best fighters. Alas Faux had to take a blow to prevent her from having a date with death but at least its not a lethal blow.

To bad she's indeed not a team player, but hopefully they won't need her for the showdown.
6/21/2019 c29 Darth Zannacross
Well, at least everyone seems to have gotten out of the ambush, though Jynx seems to be on a war path, hopefully she can get her payback without her life being the cost.

After some debating and some fighting, the ship's almost in sight...but we will see who will get in the way before that, and how unstable the city will get there before things kick off.
6/16/2019 c28 Darth Zannacross
Damn Faux, if just the grunts are giving you this much trouble the boss fight's going to be one rough ride.

Still, looks like the whole city has become fed up with the Baron's repression and are bursting out...just hope it goes better then how it went down in Game of Thrones.

Well, he's kept his lady pal alive and just might be able to pull it off, long as enough of his fans back him, we will see, should be intense.
6/13/2019 c27 Darth Zannacross
Are gang was in quite the tight spot, but thanks to some quick thinking they were able to get out of that jam without losing anything else.

Aboleth had a bitter moment, but a job's got to get done so sorry boys your going down.

Well, some seem to be on his team, if its enough to get out of this alive is another matter, guess we will see soon.
6/10/2019 c26 Darth Zannacross
Damn, the prison break ALMOST went off well but we got someone hell bent on revenge. Hopefully Faux can settle the score without losing Ahanna.
6/10/2019 c25 Darth Zannacross
Well, add Keswick to the long list of corrupt religious scumbags who use there religion to look far nicer then they are.

But Keswick already has a ton of blood on his hands, hope Karma can catch up to him fast before more bodies pile up cause of him.
6/6/2019 c24 Darth Zannacross
Well we seen who's not a people person. But this lack of trust has lead to being wary of a trap about to sprung, damn weak willed masses.

Damn, innocent blood is being shed, hopefully Lydia can avoid that fate, someone better inform Ghost Rider.

Well, looks like its a tense escape plan so we will see how that goes.
5/28/2019 c23 Darth Zannacross
Faux better focus on the task at hand or he might loose his head before he knows it.

Still, nice that Lydia waited after all, a awkward but charming reunion. Super awkward as he nearly blew it, still not sure if he just shot himself in the foot, we will see soon lol.
5/18/2019 c22 Darth Zannacross
Well, after some haggling they managed to get back to " Home base". Well, so far so good, but we will see soon if Faux knows what he's talking about.
5/17/2019 c21 Darth Zannacross
Ah, glad the whole place did not combust on them to give them a break.

And so the secrets of the magic...oh angry gods , always causing trouble for everyone.

Well, hungry hounds are already sniffing out the loot, and it seems Faux is having a home coming faster then he expected. Should be a tense reunion one way or another, till next time.
5/16/2019 c20 Darth Zannacross
Well Guy's time as a zombie was a short one, but left a grim impact to make the stakes quite clear.

Ah, got a chamber of secrets thing going on here eh? Well, better then the Dark Phoenix situation lol.

Well, so we got are Maguffin, wonder how this will lead to the endgame? Well, lets see if they can completely get out of the place alive before something else comes alive lol.
5/15/2019 c19 Darth Zannacross
Jynx plays with some rather dark stuff but if its getting the job done and demons don't devour them when they get out as the price then seems to be a situation were the pros outweigh the cons.

Well, the dead have risen, but at least they are a lot more friendly then the White Walkers and others, but still Uhdros seems like he could be a pain.

Well, things are already dicey enough but, zombie Guy means things are about to get all kinds of intense.

Well, should be a tense showdown, eager to see how things go so till next time.
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