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for enduring vulnerabilities

9/6/2015 c1 36waad
Beautiful. I honestly love the second stanza, especially the line you used as your summary. It says so much in so little. Extremely well done.
9/2/2015 c1 63yanz
This was a lovely, thoughtful piece. It does take strength to be vulnerable. Well done. :)
8/24/2015 c1 97rust phoenix
This is very beautifully written and thoughtful. I love the specificity and honesty, and the vivid images like the red couch and the saplings. The last line works really well.
8/23/2015 c1 7crazykumquat1123
Very deep. I love it.
8/21/2015 c1 229punctured.lungs
this is quite well-written. i like the feeling of hope in the end. you captured the indecision well.
8/19/2015 c1 12LadyOfTheSouthernIsles
I like the contrast of the raw, honest language in the main part of this work with the beautiful metaphors and language in the last part. You also capture some deep insights into the relationship between parent and child, and highlight the fears (often unfounded) that can haunt us. It does take effort and strength not to give in to them. :)

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