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for Two Soldier War

10/28/2015 c1 SeySey
This is so sad :( Were the two soldiers actually related or was that just the way they spoke? I really like the way the words flow in this poem.
9/12/2015 c1 Stephendunc99
I love this!
To compact the history of humanity into under 200 words (including a license)
is no small feat, and you did it perfectly.
9/11/2015 c1 4EvelynGrey.Official
I love poems that rhyme. This piece is very imaginative. Its length is perfect too, not too long. So far I like your works a lot. Keep it up )
9/4/2015 c1 6Carmel March
Ooh, excellent! I didn't expect the way it ended! Definitely a great way to showcase what it's like to be a soldier who doesn't really have anything against the "enemy".

Just a couple small spelling/grammar things, no big deal but thought I'd point them out! :) There should be a comma before the quotation mark in [The oldest kept telling him, "Finish it, son."] Also, a comma between ["I can't do it, father", "It's me or us all."]. Eachother should be "each other".

I saw in your profile that English isn't your first language...it is super impressive that you write poetry in English and write so well. Seriously. That's amazing.

Looking forward to reading more from you!

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