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for Finding Aria

1/13 c5 avalavaa
Hi, I really like with the story even I'm not finished yet. But I can feel that you have great writing skill. anyway I want to give you an offer, but may I know your mailing acc? I will be glad that we can talk it at mail. Also, werewolf works are currently in high demand on our platform, so I would like to offer you something related to it. Thanks
8/28/2015 c2 captain
This could be good.
8/30/2015 c6 dipsydoodle1
I hope Lincoln kicks her dad's ass before they leave town. Heh
8/26/2015 c2 AJ
And her mate will soon follow her.
8/26/2015 c2 Moon Sage
Oh, despite such an abuse it's still good to see that not all the light has been taken out of her. Interested in seeing more :)

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