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7/28/2022 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
Hey! I would like to invite you to join our platform to present a good quality story to our readers! Kindly send me a message if this offer piqued your interest.
2/23/2016 c12 Emma
I just caught up :-) I ship them already!
Waiting patiently for the next chap :-)
2/16/2016 c7 Emma
Intense... I love it

And also, I have quite a bit to catch up on :-)
2/10/2016 c11 5RebekahFyre
Was Isabelle Rose Hayden her full name originally, or was that your way of making sure he didn't kill her? If he's guarding the family, how could he not know she was a part of it? Why would God kill him for keeping a promise? Did you proofread this before you published it? Don't race horses have really long names that are shortened? Spot should be Spoticus. :)
Why are they both drawn to each other? Will she freak or understand when he shows her? Or will he shoW her since he won't kill her now? How many times has he actually mentioned her eyes? It hasn't been a hundred times. Why did he change his mind so suddenly? Shouldn't he teeter on the edge of decision for a while until he decides not to kill her?
Who was the jockey for Spot? What are they going to do at the Hippodrome? Are there people there? Is there a race going on? If there is, why weren't more people on the bus?
What year is this supposed to be, again? I don't remember if you said.
If you want more questions, write more, duh. ;)
2/6/2016 c9 RebekahFyre
Is Aiden lying about his brother? Did Isabelle actually do anything? Does Maesie suspect something? (Sorry if I spelled her name wrong) Is Aiden following her? How did he get there? Does Jason know what happened to him? Why does Isabelle want to be alone with Aiden so much? Is it some charm of his? Will Aiden let off that he knows what she is? What's going to happen in this "date"? Where will they go? What will they say?
2/6/2016 c8 RebekahFyre
Ooh... Does no one see her teleporting? I mean, poof, someone appears on the seat across from you or in front of you and no one says anything? Did she somehow help Jason wake up? What's wrong with him? Does he like her? Wow, Turner's an idiot. Did he really think she'd consent to him doing nothing? Would she not rather work alone, anyway? How is Isabelle used to defeat? Why did the bullies leave Maisie alone after they became friends? Where does Isabelle live? Why'd Jason pass out again?
2/2/2016 c7 RebekahFyre
Hmm. This is going to be interesting. You give me permission to ask questions? You don't know what you've done...

Wait, so he killed the principal's daughter? When did he tell the vampire what he was? Is he a witch hunter? Why would killing Isabella be important? Can she do more than teleport? How long will he wait before he kills her? She has little sisters, so are they in danger? Or did I read that wrong? How many people in this school know who or what he is? Why did the bus go silent before he sat down? Does she not find it odd that he can hear her music over the din of all those people?

I've got more. I'll shut up now. Keep writing!
2/2/2016 c7 Taryn Seren
An interesting plot idea! I don't like the weird upside down quotation mark before every piece of dialogue though, makes it difficult to read. Update soon! :)
1/6/2016 c6 Emma
Amazing as usual! I'm really curious about how this story is going to progress. I'll be waiting patiently for the next chapter.
12/23/2015 c4 Emma
Aw, thank you. I am, I believe, "TheWriter03".
I ship them already! I can't wait to see how their relationship progresses. If you want, you can PM me on here or fanfiction.
Merry Christmas! (If you celebrate it)
12/22/2015 c3 Emma
Waiting to see how their relationship ends up and the story to unfold. Love the chapter, it was amazing!
12/19/2015 c2 Emma
Really curious about the plot and characters.
The chapter was amazing and I can't wait for more! :)
Too lazy to sign in btw...haha :) see you next chapter!

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