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2/20 c28 Elizax
This is probably the first story I've read and been so irritated by the female character - writing style is amazing but I just couldn't read past Tamara's annoying stuttering & insecurity - she is far too overwhelming :(
9/22/2021 c47 1Eryth

YOU LEGEEEEND! Start to finish, this novel took me approximately a week and a half to read. The young romance made me grin and chuckle like the mother I am, and the warmth of it was well developed. Most addicting were the eloquent displays of verbal affection, as the physical was always less inviting than in other stories what with Tamara’s anxiety attacks. I very much enjoy reading such sweet love stories, as it reminds me to remain sweet to my husband after a long and stressful day of work.

How disappointing and unexpected that Tamara never studied game development, or at the very least got a job testing games. And she certainly didn’t change as much as she claimed she did, as anxiety was still prevalent through the end of the story. Tommy, on the other hand, made complete and drastic changes. I found him to be the more dynamic and impressive of the pair. Even without a steady career in the epilogue, he still had income and a work ethic, so I see no issue with that.

Three things made me truly frown. First, Emily crossed boundaries in that hot tub that would not be accepted by either party in my marriage. Then Tamara fell for the fortune teller’s rubbish, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, she claimed that she knew it was fake right after she emotionally broke down over it. Finally, Ken’s passing was a poor spot in it.

Thank you for the entertainment. I admit to skipping all of your authors notes except the very last one. However, your request for my review was worth fulfilling.


6/19/2021 c47 Guest
Thank you for Sharing your work. It is a good story. Ive enjoyed seeing you evolve as writer
9/17/2020 c46 chastityjk
Wonderful story!
3/17/2020 c35 Jenny
I just don't see anyway this could be a successful relationship. The shy/insecure I understand but she absolutely smothering. The insecurity is constricting and people like that really shouldn't be in relationships. You can't rely on another person to build you up its something you have to do yourself. And its hurting him its just such and unhealthy relationship.
1/26/2020 c46 4Chassidy Joelle Miller
This was such a good freaking story. *dramatically slouches*

Normally I don't read such long ones but this one was too good to pass up. I've recommended it to a couple of my friends from FanFiction. It has taken me a month to read this, I barely even read anything else while I was reading this.

I also don't believe I've read something that has made me so animated (dramatically throwing my phone, flailing, etc) when reading what a character (Mainly Tamara) says.

Bottom line is, I loved this story so fucking much and I'm glad to have found it.
12/7/2019 c46 2takeusername
Oh man, my first few reviews were probably the textbook definition of cringe. I think Jar-Jar Binks would be proud.

Can't particularly say the same for you, though. This story is like, not cringe. It's actually very adorable and I love it. I think I spilled my guts last time you were apparently ending it but decided to do more, but even still, I'm really happy with where this has gone and how you've added a bit more of a last touch. Just like it's stuck with you for the time that you were writing it, this story has also been with me through several years now, and I'm doubly excited and a little bit saddened to see it ending. But I'd say you ended it very well, and I genuinely can't wait to see what you put out next. The story as a whole is absolutely phenomenal, in my opinion.

Maybe I'm biased. X3

But either way, I love it a lot. I love the direction it's taken and the continuation you've brought. That last little arc was sweet, too, and the final hurdle was nicely done. I'm glad I was able to ride along for this the entire time, as I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for writing! There's a lot of things I'd love to say here but I can't find the words for, sadly. RIP.

Regardless, I look forward to the next story you put out. Godspeed, mate! :D
12/7/2019 c45 takeusername
RIP the fortune teller bloke, man's just tryna make a living and almost killed a relationship!

Loved the drama this chapter, can't wait to get to the next~!
12/1/2019 c19 Mercyrus
I wanna hug the shit out of that girl
Good Lord
...and maybe I misjudged Em...OK! I did! Alright?! Lol
11/30/2019 c13 Mercyrus
I don’t trust Emily. I just don’t. There’s something about her...idk
6/12/2019 c41 takeusername
"Hentai had not prepared her for this."

Behold, likely my favourite line in any story, ever. That one made me cackle. :D

I'd have read this one earlier, but I was also on holiday in the mountains, with no internet. But this was well worth the wait, because AAAAAAAA I kinda wanna scream like a girl because it's finally happened!

Killer chapter my dude. Can't wait for the next.

(Also Jon and Katie drunk is probably gonna result in a few interesting developments, hehe)
5/29/2019 c41 Agent
Love this book soooo much 3 It started me watching anime XD
4/12/2019 c40 takeusername
Getting ready to earn that M rating, I see. No pun intended. ;)

I love how devilish Emily is. She's probably one of my favourite characters so far, on all honesty. Loved the chapter, can't wait for the next one! :D
4/12/2019 c39 takeusername
Well, well, well. I come back from forgetting to check FictionPress to find you've done a bit of changing around. Removing a chapter, adding some more...

I believe I mentioned it was rather abrupt with the ending you initially had - and, it seems you agree. I liked the ending, however sudden it may have been, but I won't lie that I was quite happy to find that you decided to keep going.

With that all said (and probably not too well because I'm not great with words), I kinda wanna scream like a total fangirl even though I'm a man. X)

It's amazing to see what you did with this chapter and the one before it. Reading these made me really happy and I can't really put it into words but AAAAA! IT'S AWESOME! I love how you've developed Tamara and Tommy over the last couple chapters, and now they're back together and ending school with each other. It's a really sweet story!

I can't wait to get to the next chapter - and judging by the name it's about to get spicy. ;)

Hopefully this review didn't suck too badly, and I hate that I've only just found out about these updates. But better late than never.

Until then~
3/2/2019 c40 lonkboy
pls write the next chapter soon :D
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