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10/25/2015 c1 112VIKKI NEMORIE
I like this poem. I loved the phrase "mismatched angels"- which puts a positive spin on the following list of tragic images. Given the context you provided in your author's note, I assume that this collection is women of all kind. I also liked how even the pretty flower was still oppressed and sagging.

The repetition of "pretty" was powerful, too. Perhaps representative of that condescending attitude.

Like you said, this could be universally applicable to all the underdogs, but I think it is at its most powerful when seen through the lens of gender.
10/1/2015 c1 14InsomniacOwl
An absolute treat to read, I particularly enjoyed the first stanza(? sorry rubbish with the terminology) the part that ends with bending further and further still. Some of the individual lines were just great too, dirge of whispers in the wind has amazing imagery. Also liked the simile of broken porcelain and stardust. Thanks for a good read! Oh and please don't worry about returning reviews, I didn't review for that, just wanted to share my thoughts.

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