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9/21/2019 c58 15maskedhero100
Well, that was satisfying.

I know my last review was chapters ago, but things got so engaging that i couldn't put the thing down until i could find out how it ended with the situation that spiraled out with the cat killer.

It was a satisfying story, it had well developed characters that a reader could care about and want to follow, an intriguing mystery, great work on the crime scene investigation...which are always my favorite parts of a mystery.

Finding pieces, thinking about how they fit, and putting them together and seeing if you were right, wrong or close to the answer at the end.

I plan to start on the next one soon, i'd like to see where that thing with "The Grinner" goes.
9/20/2019 c28 maskedhero100
These chapters, though creepy and disturbing, are nonetheless intriguing as its an insight into a truly disturbed and deranged persons mind.

It also leaves a reader with a feeling of unease and apprehension, the same way anyone watching an engaging thriller or horror flick would feel.

I'm beginning to think there's two killers at work here, since I dont yet see any connections between this pyscho Yandre whose name will go unsaid to avoid spoilers and the cats...at least not yet anyway.
6/19/2019 c20 maskedhero100
Engaging chapter, although I have a bit of a forbidding sense of dread for our girls "convenient" pick up ride in the previous entry.

I do hope nothing bad happens to her, but that you've managed to make a reader care about all these characters is the work of perfect prose in my books.

Sometimes I have trouble remembering who is who, and what is what, but it doesn't matter...because the story is engaging and the characters are equally engaging and endearing that you wonder how their stories will end.

Cant wait to find out what happens next.
5/20/2019 c18 maskedhero100
Yeah...I guess seeing mauled cats would become second nature to seeing mauled bodies for a Detective.

Even though I haven't the foggiest idea where these towns are in relative distance to one another it turns out it really doesn't matter, but in the end that is a rather sound deduction that is made in this chapter.

The attention to detail on the weather and the description of things like the fence and track is well described and makes the picture in the readers mind come through very clearly.

The question now is which way did the killer go, and who is he or she after?
4/20/2019 c16 maskedhero100
Nice chapter.

I rather loved the interaction between Scott and Helen, you can feel chemistry there and it doesn't feel forced like unfortunately most romantic or meet cute moments at the begging of a potential relationship can sometimes be written as.

Many writers or readers prefer throwing gasoline on the flame and getting things started right away, i prefer the slow and steady flame that comes from the rubbing friction of intimacy and courting...although i am a self admitted novice of the subject of dating.

The last ling was teasingly foreboding, and the shipper in me towards these two is hopping that's not a declaration of "Iceberg ahead!"
4/20/2019 c15 maskedhero100
Oh...things just got a whole new level of interesting.

Another good flashback and reminiscence scene, it adds more to the delusional and tragic workings of this characters mind.
4/20/2019 c13 maskedhero100

Truly disturbing, yet also realistic depiction of the mindset that can develop from an abusive family relationship.

The kind that is well known to make damaged or psychotic individuals, i'm convinced that this might be the memory of the person that's injuring/killing the cats...possibly as a premeditation to an even beigger crime.

You portrayed a tragic account of a child trying to impress and appease an absolutely vile beast of a parent in a way that makes the reader cringe in both fear and sympathy.

It brings a sense of tragedy to the table if this is the person behind the lindum vanishings account...while also dropping a subtle clue to the killers identity that is easy to miss if one doesn't have a keen eye.

Well done.
4/3/2019 c14 maskedhero100
" Girls were complicated. Life was Complicated"

So true, so very true.

Good read.

I have to admit though, I Hope this is a good kind of like with that Alice girl and not the stalkery kind.

The guy has enough on his mind already.
2/13/2019 c12 maskedhero100
I know he's only just been introduced, but i'm taking a liking the Detective Sargent.

He's bluntly honest and doesn't seem to pussyfoot around...my kind of detective.
The picture at the end also adds some mystique as well as a good subtle motivation for him taking a case no one else seems to be taking seriously.

Another fine chapter, I look forward to reading the next one.
1/5/2019 c11 maskedhero100
I found this chapter to be a bit short, but no less catching in attention to the level of detail in the descriptions, the story environment and the interactions between established characters with a newcomer...who i suspect might be trouble later on.

I continue to enjoy the hard-boiled detective thriller story you have here, and found the beginning part of this chapter to be...intriguing in regards to the mystery.
11/26/2018 c10 maskedhero100
Nice chapter, not only do we dive more into Scott's background but we also get the feeling that there might be some kind of hidden connection between him and the mystery...and on a scarier note finding the corpse in the previous chapter might have made him a target.

I also enjoyed the banter between him and Pru, man...they should kiss already while we're still young.
11/1/2018 c9 maskedhero100
Interesting chapter, I especially liked the interactions between the characters.

The conversation with Franko and the superintendent was intriguing, as well as the little tidbits behind the hard boiled Detective Chief Inspectors past work record.
10/17/2018 c8 maskedhero100
Well that went dark fast...

I just finished watching "The Thing" so the description of the victims, gore and the uneasiness kind of mixed together so i kind of was drawn into this chapter and able to picture it VERY clearly..

Well done, creepy but interesting.

Wonder what this will tell us of the perpetrator down the road.
9/27/2018 c7 maskedhero100
Wow, nice cliffhanger at the end there with the SVC's.

As usual you set up a engrossing atmosphere and leave a bunch of tasty story bait at the end of the chapter to make a reader keep reading on to find out what happens next...a trail of breadcrumbs that are very enticing to follow.

Hope to see more.
9/3/2018 c6 maskedhero100
I liked the part with the veterinarian.

I had a hunch about the cats, and i was glad to see my deductions on how they were injured was right.

I have a theory on WHY these cats were injured but not enough facts to support it, and i look forward to reading on to see if i'm right again.

Great Mystery.
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