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for Dysfunctional: Origins

12/20/2015 c8 4PancakeOverdose
Wow, this is so good! The main three-piece ensemble is very well-rounded, and every character feels immediately more complex than they seem on the outset. Theo's listlessness, Sally's snarking, Reuben's total bat-crap craziness, it all comes together very nicely and makes for some really entertaining interactions. Reuben is easily my favourite of the bunch. He's so bizarre and fascinating, and I relish every line he delivers. Great stuff!
12/20/2015 c3 PancakeOverdose
This is really weird...but SO interesting! And well-written, too. Just enough description in every line, and some very snappy dialogue. Definitely gonna read on.
12/19/2015 c18 1Mr. Arsenic and Friends
Ohohohohohoh I love the conversations between Reuben and his grandma.
12/13/2015 c17 HollowSunrise
Oh my gosh. I love this story. It is amazing and I love everything about it! Personally I like Theo's pov the most, because I imagine him as a lost puppy
12/9/2015 c16 Mr. Arsenic and Friends
For someone so outwardly plain, Jane is an extremely interesting character (though that may just be because I really "get" her). I liked how well you communicated her brothers' personalities so well so quickly. Besides that, WHOA MAN this imaginary friend thing doesn't look to be going anywhere good. But who reads for things going well, anyways?
12/7/2015 c15 Cosmic Horror
Superb writing. I'd leave a longer review expressing this praise, but I'm dead tired. Brevity being the soul of wit, I enjoyed this and wish for speedy, wholesome updates.
12/6/2015 c15 HollowSunrise
This. Is. Amazing! I love this story and its incredible characters, although I definitely fav Theo. I also like the rapid updates. I can seriously never get enough og it
12/2/2015 c14 Mr. Arsenic and Friends
Ooh, this got a notch more excellent at the end. I love me some parallels and mental wards/institutions, and seeing as how this had both, my day was made.
11/29/2015 c12 colby08180

I just have to say, I absolutely LOVE your writing. I've spent the last couple of days reading through quite a lot of your stories, and in fact registered as a user here mostly so I could get updates on my favourites. ;)

As an accomplished fiction writer, I'm not sure that you're looking for critique; and this is mostly nitpicking, but I did want to say it was slightly jarring that Reuben was able to Facebook message Sally without a smartphone. As I said, it's just me noticing details, but I guess that's just who I am, and I just thought I'd point it out. :) Honestly I have no idea if non-smartphones have Facebook compatibility, so it may just be me!

Please do keep writing, as I love everything of yours that I read. The single complaint I would have is that there's not enough chapters of ANYTHING!

11/28/2015 c12 Guest
This was incredible. I just found this story and I don't regret it at all. Hope to see an update soon because you have me hooked:)
11/26/2015 c11 13Natajaaay
Loving this story so far! At first I wasn't sure about it as the characters seemed to build a bond quite quickly which I didn't think was completely realistic, but I'm really enjoying it now. All the characters are starting to get more developed, which is great and I feel really creeped out for Jane- poor thing!
11/21/2015 c10 1Mr. Arsenic and Friends
Honestly I feel bad about ignoring all the notifications in my inbox for so long. This is really good stuff, bro. Reuben is just a delight.
11/13/2015 c5 Guest
Love this story! Please update soon!
11/11/2015 c5 1ingridkonstantine
Great story so far, I hope you continue to update.
11/8/2015 c2 4LexiconDevil
God, this is amazing. I love everything about this story. It's all sorts of amazing. I especially love Reuben-he reminds me a little bit of Tate from American Horror Story, which is certainly not a bad thing. ;) PLEASE update soon!
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