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for Yesterday, you loved me

4/20/2016 c1 1X Killing Loneliness X
I really like this poem; it a a great voice. (I don't know if you want constructive criticism, you can tell me to F off) I think a little parallel structure could make the voice even stronger, but you have a great base.
4/12/2016 c1 23Love A Mysterious Thing
"You say that you miss so much" maybe you're missing a word? And the angst in this one is definitely tangible. I wouldn't go back to the one who could actually see his life without to begin with. Guys move on fast after a break up... then begin to break and miss you... girls break and miss the guy... then move on.. It's a backwards cycle that I have seen time and time again. And again, I would never get back together with someone who could handle losing you in the first place.
3/11/2016 c1 46CorkyBookworm1
I really like your title here. It's intriguing. The human heart is such a fragile thing, and trust even more so, if you ask me. There seemed to be a typo in the poem, unless "them pieces" was intentional. Other than that, your emotions are very clearly portrayed here. It takes a brave soul to bare open your wounds as you have done, and only one who has experienced it can write something that rings so true.
12/28/2015 c1 12MTveit
This is so sad, yet beautiful. Great poem, and I'm sure it (sadly) hits home with many. As I'm a sucker for second chances, my advice would be to thing long and hard about whether you think s(he) has changed his/her mind because they really want a secong chance, or because s(he) simply want what s(he) does not have. Go with your gut!
12/28/2015 c1 11theweekendpoetry
A little bit of typo errors here and there but aside from that, your writing is good and there is flow. Keep on writing to be better :)
12/9/2015 c1 32favefangirl
Okay, as far as romance goes, I got nothing. As far as poetry, this is so powerful!
11/4/2015 c1 6Wonwordful
This is a heartbreaking poem.
I don't know the full situation. I suggest you both talk about what you want out of the relationship, and how you want things to be in the future. Also ask him why he broke up with you in the first place.
After hearing him out, then you can decide if you can forgive him, and if you still want to continue it or not. I believe you're the best judge of your situation. Good luck.
11/4/2015 c1 6LatelyBored
Hi! it's me...
Listen, i'm once in a situation exactly like this one.
My best advice is: To move on.
If he doesn't like you anymore, it's his loss, not yours.
Tell yourself that. Believe it. Don't just say it.
I know how heart-breaking this is, but you can't stay stranded in the past forever.
Remember, you can't go to chapter 2 if you keep rereading the last one.
I hope you will be okay.
11/3/2015 c1 40Adria66
I've had friends in similar situations, some went back to their exes, it never ended well. Have some ice cream, bury yourself in books or movies and spent as much time as possible with your friends.
11/2/2015 c1 SkipperCal3
This is so Beautiful.
My Suggestion ~ MUSIC.
Drown in it, It will give you a new found sense of accomplishment
Oh, and take up a new Hobby.

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