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for Time Management? What's That?

3/7 c1 Marisa the Witch
I read this ages ago, and forgot to leave a review. Thank you for publishing this, it's still painfully true :D
12/28/2015 c1 11theweekendpoetry
Procrastination has never been defined in such a creative manner. Who knows acrostics can be this effective? :)
12/13/2015 c1 104PoetOfSaiMiHunManKal
As someone in university right now and almost never gets sleep on the weekdays due to essays, I completely agree with this poem and understand everything that is being conveyed.
12/2/2015 c1 5sunnybutt
That's, um, that's life right there.
11/22/2015 c1 43zanybellecloudo
Haha this sounds just like me! I haven't done a stroke of studying. I'm so screwed. Bring on the coffee! This made me laugh though. Thanks for sharing.

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