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for Absolution

12/12/2015 c3 69Shadowswept
In the end I'm glad you didn't go the revenge route. This was different, and I appreciate that. It didn't follow any of the usual formulas. The most intriguing character for me is Keiran. That could be a story in itself. Completing stories is hard, and it seems like they never quite turn out the way we imagine them in our minds. I know mine never do.
12/3/2015 c2 Shadowswept
This is so sad. When I read the first chapter, I thought it was going to be a revenge story. It's so awful when innocent people are convicted of crimes. I'm really, really curious about where this is going. Is it a romance?
12/1/2015 c1 Shadowswept
I like dark stories, but I was a bit worried when she called him a rapist. I'm glad that's not the case. Still, I didn't expect him to confront her publicly. I'm intrigued by how this will all play out. I'm excited that it's a novella, because I won't have to wait too long for the conclusion. I loved his line about the pop quiz.

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