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for Winter Trilogy

1/9/2016 c1 8LorrahBear
I think my favorite here is the first one, probably because the snowflakes muting notes is at once visible and audible to my imagination (and experience). That being said, all three of these were lovely and a delight to read.
12/29/2015 c1 48Coralie0169

I'm not usually a fan of haikus but I'm amazed by how you've managed to transport me into your beautiful, comforting Canadian winter (especially since we have such an un-winterlike weather in France this year) with only that many words. I sincerely believe you've done a great job !

12/19/2015 c1 97rust phoenix
Thank you for sharing these poems. I really love how you capture small moments, showing how even quiet experiences can be important. My favourite parts were the birdsong muted by snowflakes, and the shadows of the snowflakes. These beautiful little details show a great attention to the world around the poet.

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