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for Akatsuki (Vol 5)

12/30/2016 c12 4Mokii
I loved this chapter! I feel like Tobi though, I had no idea Chikako felt that way until now. Though now that I think about it, it's always about Tobi's and Sadami's safety throughout the book. Not to mention with her happy-go-lucky nature, it's hard to tell unless she said something.

I think that sick feeling Tobi was feeling is called love. Don't worry Tobi, you'll get used to it eventually xD. And the present he got her, we finally get to see it! I'm glad he remembered what he said Chikako was like - a butterfly.

What a nice way to end the volume .
9/6/2016 c11 Mokii
I'm glad everyone's okay, though Tobi's got a lot of explaining to do now. Especially since he endangered his friends and it looked as though he destroyed that thing to protect them. I wonder how they're going to take it now.

And I wonder if that journal will have anything useful in it. It does look like an old lab for the New Humans. I thought maybe it was also the current one, but then there would be other scientists there. Maybe that's what all the remains where x.x the old scientists that were there before.

You were right when you said it was going to get more intense xD it got a lot more intense, and I feel like it will get more intense from here.
9/6/2016 c10 Mokii
SADAMI, WHAT DID TOBI TELL YOU TO DO? As soon as I'm relieved that Chikako is alright and is in one piece, Sadami has to go missing as well. More likely than not, he got worried and went to go find them.

That cave seems pretty suspiscious as well. Caves just don't have doorways, hikers and miners wouldn't do that. And all the remains of people, sounds like someone was living here, or a few people. That's another mystery in itself xD

That reminds me, where's the thing that dragged Chikako? I wonder if it was in the cave or if it ran outside. I hope Sadami didn't encounter it and it took him! Dx
9/6/2016 c9 Mokii
That was a really intense scene, having them run after Chikako in the dark, in a forest and when it's getting cold! I should know how hard it is running in the cold and when there's a ton of snow.

I think whatever took Chikako was in that tower before, or whoever created that. Now its not only Chikako I have to worry about, Tobi and Sadami seem seriously hurt after all that in the tower.

I'm really curious about the sketch and the words on the wall. It seems like who was there is connected to the New Humans. (Another theory was maybe Sadami's dad, but I don't think it was him, but who knows?).

One chapter down, two more to go! :)
8/23/2016 c8 Mokii
You weren't kidding when you said it'd be darker 0.0

I just love how everyone passively reminds Tobi that he cares for Chikako, even if he doesn't want or doesn't want to show it. And next chapter I feel is when all that caring will come out since that happened at the end :o. Their viewpoints on children was fun to read as well, I think I'd have to go with Tobi more since I still get really fascinated easily by new information. Even when you're a lot older, you still have a ton to learn .

Chikako's so cute when she was so fascinated by the snow! I would've just joined her and went into the snow as well. No matter how often we get snow here, I'm always excited when I see it xD.

I wonder what that thing was at the end though o.o I'm guessing it might be a New Human who went crazy and broke out of the lab or wasn't disposed of properly. Either way, I pray for the trio's safety! Especially Chikako D: I hope they find a way to get her back before anything happens to her. I don't think that being made of metal would help much if that was a New Human x.x
8/17/2016 c7 Mokii Hug
Now I see why Chiharu is very mature for her age, she just wants to be taken seriously for once. I felt really sad when it mentioned that Hiromi didn't even believe her. I wish that she did or at least, let her explain everything and took it into consideration.

And that last part, never thought a harsh coworker would make her realize she'd have to use her charm and looks to get more money to find a better job.

I kind of hope something happens to her parents down the road xD I mean they practically abused her in a way, so I hope they both get what's coming to them.

This review is kind of sucky since its on my phone, but I hope its enough.

Looking forward to the next chapter! :)
6/13/2016 c5 Mokii
Alright, I'm all caught up! I'm glad that Sadami and Chiharu are together now and for the past few chapters, Chiharu's come off more likeable now, her character development has been shaping up nicely.

It looks like Asami doesn't really approve of Tobi studying in languages, a trait shared by most mothers xD but she is so sweet and accepting, I think she's only worrying for how they'll fair in the working world. I wonder what will happen when Tobi reveals he wants a master in philosophy. Somehow I don't think it will be too much of a surprise xD

Poor Tobi, getting dragged from his room and to the outdoors. And we see a mention of Hanna right at the end of the chapter, so I guess we'll be seeing more of her at some point. I wonder what Tobi saw at the end there? A gift for Chikako or something more? ;o Now I'm curious!
6/7/2016 c2 Mokii
Well here's where I got caught up to. Phew, it's been a while but once I started reading, I remembered what happened .

The last volume ended pretty peacefully actually. I was kind of scared Tobi would've gotten caught by Hanna, but he outsmarted her. I can't wait to know what exactly she said to him, whether it was the truth or she left out a big portion of it. I felt like sh hid some of it or twisted it, knowing her xD

Smooth Sadami strikes again! I think it'll be a nice running joke through the series. I'm wondering what Chiharu is planning with him ;oo (I hope its not what I'm thinking xD). And aww, Tobi's so unintentionally sweet. Did Tobi just sum up how he felt about her? x3

I'm hoping one of the big reveals is why Motoka decided to commit suicide since I don't remember anyone saying why. I wonder if it has something to do with the lab ;o or maybe a person at the lab

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