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3/2/2016 c11 GuardianWitchDG
OMG This was an amazing fight scene and loved all of it so much! :D Poor Koda, losing Cas a second time will be harsh on him. :( Can't wait for more though! Ta.

3/1/2016 c10 GuardianWitchDG
OMG Cas is back (well sort of...)! XD Hehe. I loved the beginning that was just too funny. :P Can't wait for more! Ta.

2/21/2016 c7 SweetyKinz
THIS CHAPTER IS OVER AND NOW I A* FREE TO WRITE A REVIEW! HUZZAH! BUT IT BEEN OVER~ . I would have reviewed sooner, but I got distracted xD And now it's midnight, and you're lucky I'm not tired! (Oooh, I can't wait for school tomorrow :D I'm gonna look so cute! Remind me to send you a picture!)

Anyway, I'm really impatient and I just want to see Cas! (Oh my gosh, I accidentally put an m instead of an s... Don't laugh! It's not funny!) Again, Kory is so adorable! I love how they can do this when they're like ten because Damian is ten, and now I wanna see him being a Dream Catcher xD But that's really adorable, and it reminds me of Soul Eater! (And you probably don't know what that is, you little monster! RE*IND *E TO RE*IND *Y DAD TO CALL THE CO*PUTER PEOPLE! LIKE, PLEASE! AND I BROKE *Y CHARGER, SO IF *Y PHONE DIES I CANT CHARGE IT SO WE *IGHT HAVE TO SWITCH TO E*AIL TO*ORROW... Hehe~) (I JUST FOUND OUT HOW I DID THAT HIGHLIGHTING ALL THE G'S THING, OR WHATEVER LETTER IT WAS! HOLY CRAP! CTRLF!)

The mirror tunnels remind me of mirror master, and the holes that Bunny makes in ROTG~ And you know why Casper's name is Casper? It's cause of what happened to him, cause Casper is the name of a ghost *wiggles eyebrows* (P*S rhymes with C*S, which was the initials for my middle school, which wasn't a coincidence. Should I wear a Batman necklace tomorrow? Tell me if I should! *AKE SURE YOU DO! YOU SEE* TO *ISS STUFF IN *Y REVIEWS SO*ETI*ES, YOU IDIOT!)

Is Eris killing him a scene in the next chapter? Cause that would be funny~ And Koda is just Kodi with an A, so you're Koda. THIS IS A SELF-INSERT STORY! *runs*

At first, I didn't read the snake as big as a bus thing, and I saw that a bus was there, hissing and stuff, and I got really confused and now it's a hilarious image in my mind! (Why do the i and a in image sound the same if they're different letters? Fuck you, English. That should be imige.) All I can think about with Sterling is a Leverage character, and it ruins his image, but he kind of already did that himself, little pansy xD (SHIT, I FORGOT TO WRITE YOUR LETTER! RE*IND *E TO DO THAT TOO!) (You're nothing but a load of caca! Ignore me now! :D I can't wait to wake up and drink coffee tomorrow! I'm in rambling mode again.. FRACK.)



That snake xD It's like a giant sea monster on land, and you know who's also a monster on land? Godzilla. (But he does go into the ocean. Look how much you've taught me! :D I never knew that I'd know this much about Godzilla! Like he's a kaiju! And don't you have a stuffed animal, or was that a toy? Cause that's not weird! :D) Selene is strange, and I'm glad she gave him a whistle! Now the ending, what's up with the mirror tunnels? (It's funny that there's a problem when there isn't a passage going through a mirror xD) I should probably know already, and holy crap I haven't been on here in a while... FRACK, I'm terrible... *sobs* (This weekend went by so fast. Whhhyyyyy?) All that Atlanta traffic reminds me of this one scene in Red Vs Blue when the freelancers were doing badass shit in traffic. Watch it. Please. You watch it. Like you said you would. Please. I feel like you're never going to. And I would have watched Ghost Asylum, but it isn't on Netflix...)

Anyway, the detail in this was fantastic, and I could, of course, always picture everything that's happening because you put so much wondrous, wondrous details! With a type of written way that has me dying . I'm actually kind of happy that I have all this stuff to read xD That means I should never have a dull moment now, because I have these updates to read! :D (This is how I make myself feel better, if you were wondering. Totally not a terrible person. Totally.)) Now I'm going to sleep, and it's really fucking hot in this room and I think my arm is red again cx
2/6/2016 c9 GuardianWitchDG
I personally like filler chapters because they give you a chance to expand on your characters and the plot without all the action and conflicts getting in the way. :3 I love Denny's chocolate pancakes, omg and add on their hot chocolate and a milk! Yummm! XD Great chap can't wait for more! Ta.

2/6/2016 c9 readingchameleon
This is sounding interesting. I was kind of on the fence about reading this story, but I'm completed captivated now that I have.
2/3/2016 c8 GuardianWitchDG
Well this explains some. :P Awww wonder how Kory will react to learning about Cas. Hope it's on good terms and not like in the middle of battle or something. Anyway great chapter! :D Can't wait for more! Ta.

2/3/2016 c8 GriffonWarrior
Wow this keeps getting better and better, you really are good at showing what is going on.
2/1/2016 c7 GuardianWitchDG
Oh no, hope the new nightmare isn't Cas. D: Interesting that the portal didn't work, is HQ under attack? Or has there been some threat of some kind and they closed off the portals for safety? If so (or not so) how will they get back to their bodies within the time slot? I'm guessing they only have 5-6 hour left maybe? Ugh too much think I'm too tired! XD This was great and can't wait for more friend! :D Ta.

2/1/2016 c1 GriffonWarrior
This was great, this was very awesome indeed.
1/25/2016 c6 SweetyKinz
I shouldn't write these at night, but I can't think during the day cause after school is lazy time!

Game night sounds so fun~ We should make game night a law! But only if you're not in an abusive family! Everyone should take the day off, nation wide every Friday to bond with their family! Let's make that a law and get it signed by Congress, or whatever the hell it is bills do to become laws! "Oh I'm just a bill, yea I'm just a bill~ Sitting on top of something hill!" (I see what you mean about me not being cohesive... Heheheh *giggling*


"Because who the hell knew what he did during the week?" I feel like he would like fishing, but hard-work fishing, which is why it makes him tired! Like, Imagine that! Fishing so intense that it makes you more exhausted than being a sandman does! (I wanna do that. I should become a professional fisher instead! And you can help my crew mates that have seen unspeakable things! Like an octopus humping their kids face! *laughs at the image*)

These game nights he has with his Gramps totally goes the way your Game night does, and I feel like you based his relationship with your relationship with Grammy! Tell me I'm right :D

Don't go to Jack's party, Koda (I have to restart my computer after this xD It's being weird, and I think that's cause I dropped it... But it wasn't my fault cause I put it on the couch and it slid off and hit the floor with a loud bang! I had to click the screen seal thing back in and now the mouse i s being retarted and the typing is being slow! But enough about my computer!) He's a total douche! But not Jack Frost! He's a little sweety! HUBBAHUBBA!

"Sucker-punch you if you so much as looked at her cross-eyed" I remember that! You said that me when I talked to you about stopping homeschooling and going to my school!

I dun know what it's like to unload a dishwasher cause ours is broken! :D Hand-washing dishes! Yay! (BOO! ...BOOOOOBBBIES!) I really love his Grandpa xD He's awesome!


"Uh, it had been terrifying." That was a line that made me laugh really hard for some reason cause it was just so hilarious xD Why are Eli and Carter moving? Noooooooo~ I like those two! *wiggles eyebrows* (It's so fun to wiggle eyebrows! :D) Kory? FRIGGIN ADORABLE! He sounds so adorable with his ten year old self and giant ax! AAAWWW! WHAT COLOR IS HIS HAIR? I NOTICED HE HAS GREEN EYES! IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT OF KORI xD

The endning is also hilarious! I deeply enjoyed that deep in my black hole that sucks in everything! :D WE HAVE BLACK HOLES! AND DO YOU RE*E*BER THAT WE WERE GONNA GET HIT BY THAT FAT TRUCKER WITH A RED HAT? DO YOU RE*E*BER?! Okkai, I have to go to sleep xD But I can't wait for the next chapter cause I feel like something intense is gonna happen! (PLeasebeCaspleasebeCas :D)
1/22/2016 c5 TWINNY
*sobs* I had to log out! I had to log out! *cries*

HHII! I JUST ATE CEREAL! :D IT WAS GOOD! I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally want to hug Koda right now, and I actually really love his nickname! It's like Kodi, with an a! (Hahahaha, Dani, with an I xD) He was completely dressed in black.! I find that funny for reasons that I can/can't explain!

Aw, Koda, I feel you~ You losing Cas is like me losing Kodi, and that would mean that a piece of me was missing! I would be so depressed! Like you are! :D Yay angst!

So the sirens seem kind of nice and distant and cold at the same time xD I know they're trying to help, though! Wait, so if a siren found Cas, he WOULD move on? That's what they do? Help souls pass over?

I don't like Jade xD She seems very... what's the word... bitchy! Yea, that's it! I like Director Desmond better! (And not just cause his name is Desmond! #Assassinscreed #Desmondmiles) But seriously, I swear I thought and then hoped that was Cas xD *sobs* I went backwards!

The ending... OHHH, DUDE, CLOSURE! YES! I forget what the other review said! Combine it with this one anyway!) Aww! OH*YGOSH, THAT'S SO ADORABLEANDCUTEANDDSADALLATTHESA*ETI*E! BUT FOR SO*E REASON, I JUST THINK THE ENDING IS ADORABLE, LIKE... *shrugs* I think it just he's talking to his dead body in the hole in the floor with a rock over it, and telling him all of this sweet stuff, and it's the sweetness that makes it adorable and sad at the same time~ :c (That's closure, right? xD) Okai, this is the second review and I hope it was better than the first! I'll read the next chapter tomorrow!

~Your favoritest person in the whole wide world~! (Favoritest is totally a word! :D) LOVE YOU!
1/22/2016 c6 GuardianWitchDG
It's nice to see Koda getting better. :3 I admit I'm not sure what the details are which is surprising. XD Maybe I'll relook through it later to see if I find any then. :P Anyway great chap no mistakes that I saw so great! Ta.

1/21/2016 c5 SweetyKinz
Awwmygosh! The feels! I really really really expected that Nightmare to be Cas, and I was really hopeful! And then it goes along like, "HAHA! NOPE! JUST SO*E *ARIA CHICK! LOSER! *story slaps me*" But I guess it might have been a bit more predictable if you DID make it Cas, but I want him back so bad already cause I love Cas, you evil little monster! What's so special about maria anyways?! HUHHUHUH?! IT COULD HAVE BEEN CAS! *sobs*

Question, when they find the Nightmares that are former Dream-catchers, what do they do to help them and if they move on, is that just them essentially passing over, so they can never go back to being someone like a dream-catcher again? (If that makes sense xD AND YOU BETTER ANSWER *Y QUESTION CAUSE I'* KIND OF CONFUSED!) And please remind me to bring my PT clothes to school, please please please!

"Something was always missing but we moved past it. Well, most of us." I think the paragraph before that clarified stuff but I'm still kind of confused xD (I shouldn't be though, I dun think cx)

mEEEEPPP, YOUR WRITING mAKES mE DIE! I know that I said this in my last review, but dude. I don't understand how you formulate your sentences as perfectly as you do? It's crazy! I want it! Your brain! I want it!

It would be a good thing if one of the Sirens found Cas and helped, right..? (But they most likely didn't cause Nightmare-Cas, anyone?) (I'm really tired right now, and I can give you a better review if I wait to finish this tomorrow, but I told you I would read it tonight so pros, cons!)

I'm sorry this review probably wasn't very good! But I'll write you another one, or just write a better, fantabulous one next chapter! Okay, seriously, you have no choice. You're getting another review tomorrow! (PT clothes! Tell me tomorrow! And remind me to remind my mom to get the envelope for your thing!)
1/20/2016 c5 GuardianWitchDG
Well at least Koda is getting the closure he needed, wouldn't have been good if he had run him self too ragged and ended up dead or a nightmare him self. The there would be no story! D: It would just be: Friends, scary monsters, feels, friend dies, main character dies trying to find friend, the end. XD A very short story. :P Ah way yea this would have been super long glad you did it in 2 parts! Oh when you have Koda talking to Cas's grave he says "known" instead of "none", other then that I didn't see any mistakes! :3 Can't wait for more! Ta.

1/20/2016 c4 SweetyKinz
Oh, dude! I finally finished reading this chapter! I have no idea why it took me so long! (That's so weird!) But I finished it, and I'm so happy! :D

It shouldn't have been, but the whole 'abuse the hell out of Cas' dead body' thing was just hilarious to read xD First I was like, "Aw, poor soul~" and then I started laughing cause it was funny and I'm as demented as you are!

If one of them ever did drop out and start bar tending for a living (But they can't now cause he's dead. But he's not actually dead cause obviously the summary! I just want to sound insensitive!), it would be in BELIZE! Belizebelizebelize! OOooooh, I'd be a damn good bartender. We should open up our own bar on the side! And with our expertises, we'd be able to handle everything! (Like the Leverage crew work from in a pub xD)

"Roughly yanking me off the bed and sending me sprawling across the room." That is so rude! Let the boy stay clutched to your boy, heathens! (I still don't know what a heathen is! :D Do you remember that? We had a conversation about it once some time ago, and I have no idea why I still remember it!)

Dude, you're good at writing angst.. Like, REALLY REALLY good, HOLY CRAP. I can't... This is too perfect. Just everything. The way you described the emotion and sadness and grief in so much detail that just made it so perfect blows my mind cause I really can't write about emotional shit to save my life (IRONY!) xD And by that, I mean feelings, like sadness xD

Aw, Cas had three sisters! Like I do! (*whines*) That little girl is either lucky that's she's so young, or unlucky because she's so young xD I just literally sat her marveling over how well you wrote that Koda with the sisters part. Like, I just stared at it and read it like, "Goddamn, no one in the world can write that as well as Kodi did." Reading it makes me sad, and it should make me sad because it's a sad scene, but that's not why it makes me sad. It's cause I want your brain. It's too perfect! Like, I just wanna wrap my hands around it! (That's not weird!)

Ohmygod, school 0.0 I felt bad for Koda the most in here when he had to face school. Like, dude, You're brother/best friend died! Go home! You can miss a day! When the teacher told everyone what happened, that's kind of like how it went down in my first period, but with more crying~

I love how easily this transitions and flows. WHY'SITSOFRIGGINPERFECT? I really really loved this chapter~ The characterization was so perfect when Koda confronted the Directors about what happened for him to stay out past eight hours, and I liked the part where they gave him Casper's kinda broken and cracked watch with the things at 0: it just made it that much more sad and kind of, I dun know, symbolic? (If that makes sense!)

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