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4/2/2016 c15 Sekre
Great story :)
4/2/2016 c10 1Drowning Ninja
I am happy now thank you very much! 3 I just need them to kiss now and I'll be over the moon happy.
4/2/2016 c9 Drowning Ninja
Ah! I just want them to kiss D: and I know it's coming!
4/2/2016 c4 Roger Jaminson
Aaaahhhh! Fifteen chapters! 11 unread chapters! I am feeling so blessed!

Hmmmmm. Dax though? When Calix was talking about him, Dax really sounded like some protective older brother. Combine this with him being mindful of Calix's manners and Dax is a really responsible bro who shouldn't have lost Calix in the first place. The fact that Dax left Calix without any navigation shit seems out of character then ("Out of character"? Barely know the brother). With this in mind, I'm starting to think Dax did this on purpose. Was he trying to teach Calix something? Like how to be responsible and independent? "How about I let Calix get lost in a forest to teach some life lessons?" Haha, I'm kinda joking. Maybe Dax is a human who is entitled to some mistakes.

Aaaaww, Calix having a nightmare, awwww, got to me. Dax isn't winning any brownie points right now.

Dude, my fucking chest! When Calix and Wyatt start to cuddle, my chest felt so compressed. I wasn't expecting any fucking, but Calix took note of Wyatt's body hair and smell, and I just-!

It doesn't end there. Wyatt's little, "If it were me, I wouldn't turn my back on you for a second" confession was a fucking treat. What am I to make of this? Wyatt is obviously already holding some feelings for the little injured Calix and it's only the second(?) day! This is so beautiful and promising. Not only that, but that's the kind of casual lines that alienates Calix from Dax and the outside world and brings him closer to Wyatt! This is fucked up to say, but I'm gon say it. I love it! I fucking hope there's gonna be more stuff like that. Aaaaaahh! Squealing!

Poor little Calix feels like a burden? Awww, why is he so hard on himself! He has a gash on his leg! Jesus, and when Wyatt was all grumpy, I was barking all this shit like, "Excuse me, Wyatt! Calix is scared out of his mind, not only for himself but also for his brother. You decided to help a fellow out and even if it out of your comfort zone, don't be a dick." Haha, I felt like I overreacted. *cough* Sorry *cough*

Anyway, it's cool how Wyatt was afterward, though. I'm falling more and more in love with this pairing. They need to be together. Fuck the outside world.

P.S Calix is placing Wyatt on this pedestal of uber-masculinity and while I do like seeing tough and strong Wyatt being a forest warrior, I can't wait to see Wyatt being knocked off. Haha (the evil kind).
3/30/2016 c15 UntamedImagination
He said it! He said I Love You!
3/30/2016 c15 Philosophy of Slytherin
Omg, so so so so so good, love it! 3
3/30/2016 c15 Keichaos
And she's back!

For me, Chapter 15's "Heartache and Honeymoon" is not a very pleasant chapter. It reminds the readers of the bitter reality of their relationship: Calix must go back to civilization and Wyatt should be resuming his wildlife living with Canuck to regain their balance. This chapter indicates that, in a way, they are these star-crossed lovers living on borrowed time. It's a bitter pill, something that clearly disturbs Calix, and breaks our hearts. I, for one, found myself mourning in advance when Wyatt broached the topic.

But then again, you sly minx, Calico, the structure of the latter half of the chapter is a confusing one. Are you implying that someone is going to sacrifice to continue this relationship? Will Calix really stay? Will Wyatt leave the mountains? Or will Calix go home, heartbroken? And as sexy as the half of the story might have been, I'm still very, very concerned with the vague tone of the recent chapters.

I think you're at the crossroads of this story, aren't you? Hahaha!

Anyways, I give this chapter an 8.5/10 for plot progression and bitter heartaches. And of course, the sexy tiem but begging Calix is a face. More! :)
3/30/2016 c15 Guest
Oh Calix. He's so childlike and adorable, but he knows he's the one making Wyatt stray! Cannuck is so perfect.
3/30/2016 c15 Charmm
Goddamn.. Calix is making sure he keeps whats his. His feelings seem pretty fucked up, I wonder if Wyatt will take him back. I'm really curious to see how they'd get along outside of their bubble.

I'll be waiting for the next update!
3/30/2016 c15 1rAiNwAtEr1
You're fucking back! I was about to send a search party for you! Don't play with my heart like this Calico, you left me sweating with withdrawals! This chapter was my everything. Up until this chapter I loved seeing Wyatt dominating Calix, which I still do, but seeing Wyatt get manipulated and owned by Calix set heart a flutter. All I could think this whole chapter was, fuck yesssssssss. And Canuck is a god amongst men, err wolfs? I love him forever and a day! Please, keep the chapters coming, because I'll keep the reviews, worshipping you, coming!
3/30/2016 c15 animegirl281
Love it! Thanks for another great update!
3/28/2016 c14 Guest
Hope you haven't lost your motivation for this. I'm dying to know what happens to Calix.
3/27/2016 c14 Guest
Pls update:(
3/25/2016 c14 UnderTheGrave
Can't log in on mobile right now but I totally gotta review this chapter. You write bj's so well, if that like doesn't sound weird. XD a lot of people just kind of slap them in before the sex as an afterthought but you make it perfect.
Also my favorite part was when Calix totally got his way with the stare. I chuckled out loud. Wyatt's looking a little whipped... heh
3/24/2016 c14 Guest
if you're thinking about abandoning this. please don't. I'm way too invested in this story and characters. the plot is fresh as well so please continue.
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