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11/30/2017 c22 Guest
Holy shit I would literally fucking kill for a Wyatt POV jfc if would be so amazing just GaaAH
11/21/2017 c1 Guest
Ow it’s such a promising beginning!
10/30/2017 c11 KioLePerv
(This was on full repeat in my head during the hot spring scene.)
8/10/2017 c23 5ramblingrobin
I utterly enjoyed this. Loved it. On to book two! Yay! Xoxo Robin
8/10/2017 c22 ramblingrobin
Yay! They're back together. Calix should leave a note though or they might think kidnapping! Xoxo Robin
8/10/2017 c19 ramblingrobin
*gross sobbing intensifies* xoxo Robin
8/10/2017 c18 ramblingrobin
Ugh, it's breaking my stupid heart. *gross subbing* xoxo Robin
8/10/2017 c17 ramblingrobin
Eeeeeeeeee! Yay! They didn't use the lotion yet! The oil is probably much better though. The world of the story is very interesting to me. I'm in Iowa and grew up here. I've visited mountains and it's beautiful. But it's just corn, soybeans, cows, sheep, and hogs here. I love it here. It has its own beauty. And it's not just flat everywhere, that's Nebraska ;-). There are trees and hills, rivers and lakes, but very little of that wild in it. It's fun imagining Wyatt's mountain. Xoxo Robin
8/10/2017 c13 ramblingrobin
I really enjoy the complex relationships and interactions in this story... And the sex. I always love the sex. Hee hee. Xoxo Robin
8/10/2017 c11 ramblingrobin
Excellent chapter. And I think I know how that lotion will be used later. Muahahaha! Xoxo Robin
8/10/2017 c10 ramblingrobin
Woot! Frisky in the cabin! Wyatt will never want to let him go now. Xoxo Robin
8/9/2017 c9 ramblingrobin
That chapter was amazing! The interactions between the three of them and their reactions to eat other were fascinating and intense. The way Calix expresses himself so beautifully the art. I'm in love with it. Xoxo Robin
8/9/2017 c7 ramblingrobin
Eeeeeeeeee! That was glorious. Love this. Ooo, I hope the wolf needs more demonstrations! Xoxo Robin
8/9/2017 c6 ramblingrobin
I love all the human an animal psychology going on here. Can't wait to see what haired next! Xoxo Robin
8/9/2017 c3 ramblingrobin
Ooo. I'm gonna like this story. I can tell. Xoxo Robin
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