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8/2/2017 c22 Darkangel28541
It was so good, I was crying at the end. I hope Calix and Wyatt have a happily ever after. With Canunk too.
7/18/2017 c7 Big Chunky
Hello Calico Trayce your sister calypso has sent you a msg she said that atlas your dad has invited you over to a party in mount olympus. Please head over now to manhatten to the empire states building and tell the guy at the desk 100 floor please he will then give you a key have a fun party yours truly Big Chunky
6/8/2017 c23 1Drowning Ninja
I'm sorry I'm such a horrible friend... I just finished Alpha and I'm looking forward to Alpha 2 - I loved the ending and I have no idea why I stopped with 3 chapters left but I did and I'm kicking myself in the ass. I loved Calix talking to the psychiatrist that was just too funny and him realizing that he loved Wyatt and when they talked on the phone my heart was so happy.
You my friend are an azmazing wrighter and I look up to you more than you know. I love you lots and I love Calix and Wyatt 3 keep up the good work and I think the only good thing about me waiting to finish Alpha is that Alpha 2 has already started!
2/13/2017 c23 Guest
Absolutely loved this. I had read Power Trip years ago and bookmarked it. When i finished rereading, i couldnt help but notice youve been busy on other works. Awesome for me! Now that Im done with Alpha, Im gonna check out what else you have
2/5/2017 c22 26Jane Glass
Wow, this was just amazing. I had remembered reading a bit of this about a year ago, and I'm so glad I found it again! It's so wonderful, and sweet, and cheesy! (and hot, tbh)
9/22/2016 c19 Guest
I'm speechless.
8/7/2016 c19 1Drowning Ninja
Oh my god if you ended it like that I'm not sure if ever forgive you... And oh my god my heart hurts D: I wish Calix gave him that goodbye kiss. It was a good chapter but man that was painful and I can't wait to see how they get back together because I know they do - (they just have to) and I really hope Canuck is okay! Ah I can't believe Calix was such a baby and didn't let Wyatt go to his aid. Also that was a horrible way to find out about Dax... Just horrible
8/7/2016 c18 Drowning Ninja
Noooooo! The blissful time is the cabin can't be over... That was so sad compared to the last chapter I want to cry T-T but I still love it because I know it will end well.
8/7/2016 c17 Drowning Ninja
I'm back... Haha - how did I ever take such a long break from reading this?! It's simply amazing how amazing this story is so again I'm so sorry I'm taking so long to read it. I love you lots and this chapter was simply a masterpiece of sexy hotness and as always I look forward to reading the next chapter as you have told me I should finish reading it. Love you lots and I will talk to you soon. Also crongragulations (you know what I mean) xoxo 3
7/25/2016 c23 1rAiNwAtEr1
A perfect, and hot as hell, ending. Bravo, my dear. Thank for this fantastic read!
7/23/2016 c23 Sekre
Great ending!
7/21/2016 c23 1linuen
And now, Book 1 ends with the most unexpected elegant finish.

Maybe it's a new thing for you, Calico, since I don't see you write much like the last part of this epilogue but it really, really works. I like these kind of writings, very introspective and hopeful. I know I might be thrown out for this comment but I felt this was a Twilight (Meyer) named "Shiny", I think it's Eclipse or Breaking Dawn, when Bella Swan was thinking she was made to be a vampire. It was very good writing, that chapter, and I think this is one, too. Calix's thoughts on his changes has a very hopeful tone to it, light, and elegant. I LOVE IT.

I like it when stories end in hopeful tones.

Of course, the sex was hot. And you seemed to somewhat address issues from previous chapters: Canuck and Calix's family. And I think it was pretty well-handled. There's no need to put into too much details because Alpha is Calix and Wyatt's story. And that's all that matters. A romance born from the mountains.

A romance between a bear and butterfly.

7/20/2016 c23 Guest
Omg I its so wonderful I'm gonna die )
7/20/2016 c23 30Jessica Hunter

FINALLY! I have been not so silently waiting for this Epilogue. I would check every day, even though I get updates through my email lol.

Loved it! I think it ended wonderfully. Though I think I would have liked to see Calix's thoughts on Wyatt's dad's land. But oh well. Maybe that will be in book two!
7/20/2016 c23 9Safieri
That was beautiful. And sweet. And so very smutty.

The conversation with his parents where Calix talks about how having all the gear on the mountain and how it didn't help him because he didn't know how to use it. That was a really important observation I think. It puts a new spin on his relationship with Wyatt. Calix is dependent on Wyatt but being with him also forces him to go out of his protective bubble and experience new things. Such an adorable butterfly!

Also...I'm already haunting you on Twitter and Wattpad so...yeah...*cough*

*cough*an epilogue for 50/50 would be nice too*cough*
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