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7/20/2016 c23 marginal-utility
Book 2 focusing on the same twosome?
7/20/2016 c23 Kimmie
Ah! I just love them so much. I loved the last line of this. I'm gonna miss them..oh wait, second book. So maybe I won't have to miss them for long..?
Anyways, fantastic, as always. I think it was a great end/beginning to Wyatt and Calix. Can't wait for book two.
Thank you for another wonderul story. : )
7/19/2016 c22 animeg098
Helloo, just read this whole story in one go, and I've got to say, it was an amazing read. Tbh, i was half expecting Wyatt to be a werewolf because of how he carried the bear and Calix together in very beginning (and i really do love werewolf stories, i kind of expected this to be one given the topic), but even if that didn't turn out to be the case, the story and it's characters were very interesting nonetheless. I feel that Wyatt might have a few of his own psychological issues given that he spent 2 years on a mountain with a wolf, and if there's going to be a second part; I'm looking forward to reading his perspective as well. Story is well written, and although it would have been nice if Calix had a little bit of closure with his family, but i guess he made his decision in the end and that was good enough. Loved the smexy times as well, everything was amazingly hot :) would love to read th epilogue as soon as it comes. Keep up the amazing work!
7/7/2016 c19 Lexie.Loo
Okay, with the chapter warning of feels I mentally prepared myself for some heavy angst and pain. I did, really. But I was prepared for the boys to fight. And then the wolves show up and OHMYGOD not Canuck! But it's looking like Canuck will probably bolt...so I put my phone down and take a break to mentally prepare. And shit how the fuck did I forget about Dax? And Ohmygod are you freaking kidding me right now Wyatt? Knowing Dax was dead and still putting the moves on Calix? Ugh. Twisted. Two years alone, no kidding. And Canuck :( I hope the fluffy bastard is ok, quite fond of him. Poor Calix. Rock meet hard place.

Definitely enjoying the story as a BC girl myself :)
7/5/2016 c12 Roger Jaminson
Oh ho holy shit. My arms and legs are jelly and I'm surprised I can even type this right now.

I wanna make up for sounding like a party pooper in the last review. I will say though. I'm on the lookout for a key action or whatever that will trump the whole abuse card that could easily be applied to Wyatt's personality. Character growth or something. I know can't expect a healthy relationship when Calix will obvs have Stockholm's. Fingers crossed.

Anyway. This was sweet. My heart melted when Wyatt began to tell Calix all the little shit. Awwwwwww.

The scene. You know the part that really got to me. When Calix was stroking Wyatt and then described Wyatt spilling some of that precum! The wording and everything. Every single time I read another of your scenes, I have to marvel on how you know what specific details to include just to make this so steamy but realistic. It gets to me every single time.

You know what time is it. Time to suck your dick, man. It's been awhile and I need a way to show you my love and appreciation.
7/5/2016 c11 Roger Jaminson
Alright. My brain is no longer goo because of last chapter's steamy stuff.

One thing. You know how I said I was going to comb through for clues for Wyatt's sexuality. If I remember correctly, when Wyatt and Calix were first grinding, wasn't Wyatt grabbing Calix's hips and grinding with it at angle where Calix's dick would be rubbing against his? Pretty gay. Would a straight care for these etiquettes? Haha.

Anyway, geez. This chapter.

I was gagging when that deer scene came through. Funny 'cause last chapter I kinda choked on my spit when things got hot. Haha.

Oh my gosh. I was rooting for Calix. I was like, "Don't give in to the gay cannibal, Calix!" He still kinda did, but Wyatt also did too (Itsy bit, but what can we get from the King of stubbornness). It was an compromise that didn't strip Calix of /all/ his pride.

I'll be honest though. Wyatt's words. Reading these words and I can easily imagine them coming out of an abuser's mouth. I don't know though. It's 'cause I'm in the middle of reading this one book called, "Why Does He Do That" by Lundy Bancroft, right. And there's this one particular quote that will always stick out to me. "Abusers are not abusive because they're angry. They're angry because they're abusive." Something like that. I feel like that line sorta belongs with the sort of atmosphere Wyatt is creating when he's twisting Calix's words and making the poor baby think that he's at fault. Hmmm. Imma little scared with where this can go. Hhhnnnggghhh.

You know the most horrible thing though, Wyatt was winning me over by the end of the chapter. Just with him admitting that he thought about Calix sexually and I was sighing like a romantic little bitch. Oh Lord, what's wrong with me.
7/5/2016 c10 Roger Jaminson
Hell yeah, they totally get each other. They both get turned on with some neck-licking. Hahaha.

I wish I could write a longer review, but I'm itching for that next chapter. I need to read that now.

And I just reread the summary. This is completed? Oh my god. Sorry for taking forever.
7/3/2016 c22 Guest
For the people calling Calix selfish in the comments. He has fucking Stockholm Syndrome. Did y'all skip over that part? He ran off with his abuser.
7/3/2016 c9 Roger Jaminson
Awwww, when Calix starts crying! My heart turned to goo and all my internal organs are probably sticky right now. It even hurts to breathe right now with how you ended. This really was all about bickering and bonding.

I honestly want to grab Calix, shrink him to an average beanie baby size, and hold him against my breast. I'd hope my body heat would be enough to get him to sleep and stop crying. I obviously don't know what it feels to have your every emotion tugged by the same person in this sort of situation, but if I had to compare it to a relatable one, I'd think it'd be like being able to have only one friend and then have that one friend go to annoyed because of your neediness and then to compassionate (pity?) because, and again, of your neediness. I don't know if this makes sense. I remember this sort of dynamic actually from elementary and middle school. The shy loser and the "normal" kid who just wanted to hang out with his other friends, but is somehow stuck with the loser. I know this sounds oddly specific, but this is the closest I can get to finding how this pair works.

I'm not saying your writing doesn't make that clear. It's just the moment I think I have it something happens and I'm backtracking 1000 miles an hour like, "wut?" I mean, wasn't Wyatt jealous Canuck last chapter? Even just typing that phrase and I'm already laughing because it's a man getting work over a dog. (Wolf? What? NO.)

Wait, Wyatt was jealous of the Canuck right? See. I don't know. Maybe I should read this sober.

Back to this chapter, though.

Once again, when Calix was tripping over himself to prove to Wyatt how he, "gets it". My heart. It still hasn't recovered from its change from one state of matter to another. I actually clutched my heart and groaned. Someone asked me if I was okay, and I just shooed them away. Hahaha.

Then! When Calix was all like, "You work harder than anyone I've ever seen". You didn't specify, but I imagined Calix squeezing his upper arm, bicep or whatever. That scene! I thought back to the 50's where the little wife would go and soothe her husband from the hard day's work, probably coo in his ear on what a capable provider he is and stroke his ego. Seeing that play out within a heterosexual couple is a little nauseating because gender roles and shit, but in an interaction within two males, and I'm dying.

Not to mention Wyatt's reaction. He was EMBARRASSED! Awww, I would literally sleep with someone right now if it were to get me this chapter in Wyatt's point of view. Aaaagghghhh. Do you like seeing me suffer, Calico! DO YOU! I WONDER WHAT WENT THROUGH HIS HEAD. Was he like coughing and sputtering something nervous-like, "Well, I'm just... doing what needs to get done around here" in his head or something? AAAAHHHHHH!

aND! That part when Wyatt was like, "I wouldn't say girlfriend... but none of them never clicked." My brain short-circuited. That's it. I'm gonna pretend Wyatt knew he was gay this whole time. I don't care if it's canon or not. I'm so sorry, Calico. I'm gonna take whatever Wyatt says and somehow morph into another piece of supporting evidence that Wyatt knew he was homosexual lumberjack all this time. Any other hints saying otherwise are going to be pointedly ignored.

Anyway, awwwwwww. Calix's last girlfriend. What a mean girl!

That last line! I can't. You really want to kill me before I can even finish reading this story huh.
7/2/2016 c8 Roger Jaminson
AAAHHHH! Guess who this is!?

Did you know...

I was watching some Saturday-morning cartoons, and as it's ending, it signs off with the name of the production company. And wanna guess the name? Calico (something, I already forgot that part) Productions. I immediately thought of you. I was like, "Huh, that feels like a pretty heavy sign."

Then hours later and on a different channel! I had Law and Order: SVU on in the background and I began to tune in when I realized their suspect was a reclusive woodsman who spent his time healing injured animals. I was just like, "Wow, Jesus Lord himself must be messing with my satellite. The signs are not lost upon me!"

So yeah, I knew I had to come back. Not only because of that, but I mean, come on. This is a great story and I am honestly surprised I was able to pull away and stay away for awhile.

Lemme point out one thing. Every time Wyatt calls Calix a puppy I die a little. Like if he really sees Calix like a cute puppy, will it take us a good chunk of the story to get Wyatt to see him like a sexy (- a lot emphasis here) injured boy?

I need to relax.

And awwww, Canuck! I know he's a wolf, but I'm starting to see him as a dog in my head.

Do I sound distracted? I feel like I do. Sorry, I really want to read the chapter.

Damn, I just realized something. You are an awesome writer. No, that's not the realization. People leave reviews when they want to show the writer their appreciation for inviting them to such a great story. You gotta make sure to make the writer feel good for writing the good shit. It keeps the chapters coming. I realized, though, that there must some readers who read ahead BECAUSE you're such a great writer. The good story is too beautiful to break away to write a review.

God, I do sound distracted. Sorry.
7/1/2016 c22 30Jessica Hunter

Love the story! I seem to like a few of your stories!
OK, here are my thoughts. i'm going to start with the ending since its on my mind right now! i honestly can't see it ending any other way! (I mean , i can but that's besides the point) It shows just how 'reckless' Calix is. (Great name by the way!) He left without even so much as a note! seriously! i mean i know he's 18 but still he did just get out of the hospitable. It was a little hard to imagine it actually happening. I would have thought that Wyatt would have said something on the issue.

The characters are very well developed as in they have their own identity. Sometimes I run across characters that are so in sync they are the same personal basically. Will there be a background story into Wyatts' life? I don't think you necessarily need a Wyatt's POV. I think he came across clear, even though his own thoughts weren't voiced thoroughly.

I was able to feel giddy, embarrassed, hurt, anxious, and worried. so kudos for bringing those emotions out through your writing, its a hard one to master.

Well if you have any particular questions about what you want to hear form your avid reader, let me know. :)
7/1/2016 c22 1Lavi1443
Really smooth, nice ending! If you plan to write more of it I'll be glad to read it ;)
7/1/2016 c22 marginal-utility
Calix is being kind of a douchebag! His family deserve better than this.
6/30/2016 c22 3KushyTales
Wow, this was an amazing piece of work. Right from the beginning to the very end. You brought these two to life and had me addicted the whole way through! Every time I read your work I was able to engulf my self in their world and feel the emotional roller coaster they went on.

You are an amazing writer, I will never get bored of reading your work! Thank you sooo much for creating and sharing such amazing work! I hope there is a story from Wyatts point of view! I would love to see how the Calix addicted mountain man really thinks. Since he is quite good at holding back large amounts of lust xP

Love you sooo much! 3 3
6/30/2016 c22 Guest
Woah that ending became quite dark. Is Calix going to contact his family? If he does they'll surely convince the police that Calix was taken against his will. If he doesn't that's pretty scary for his family, especially if Dax reveals all. Having said that, I would have been so sad if Wyatt and Calix weren't reunited and they are so cute!
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