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6/30/2016 c22 BratFace
I love this story, sorry I haven't been commenting but maybe I have reader stockholm-syndrome but I need to read more. LOLOLOLOLOL
6/30/2016 c22 Krlsen
:D :D
6/30/2016 c22 Guest
That was great! They're both crazy and I love it! I can't help but like the characters you come up with :)
6/29/2016 c22 ArtisteVirago
I really enjoyed this story and everything and thank you for writing it, but I felt like the Calix was pretty selfish in the end. I mean, seriously, his family was worried sick about him and after finally finding him, he just disappears again? And yeah, I get that he loves Wyatt. It kind of annoyed me.

Sorry. Other than that, I really enjoyed reading this story!
6/29/2016 c22 Sinalist
But I desperately need both an epilogue and a part two in Wyatt's point of view. Like desperately
Please please please please please please please please
6/29/2016 c22 FlowersBite
I near about died when his father had his phone line cut! So I was so very happy when Wyatt showed up at his front door! I kind of feel bad for his parents, they just got him back and out the hospital and the first time they leave him alone they come back and find him gone. I look forward to the epilogue if you still decide to write one, however either way this story has been fantastic!
6/29/2016 c12 C3
I have been searching for something to read for the past few weeks and I must say, this is mind blowingly excellent. Best reading I have had in ages. Thanks a bunch
6/29/2016 c22 1Xerxio Thomic
I don't know if anyone thought this too, but while reading the last 2 chapters I really thought that there'd be a sick and twisted ending. Like surprise! Wyatt is actually a kidnapper! But the ending was surprisingly sweet and I loved it
6/29/2016 c22 UntamedImagination
...I can't believe it's over. This sucks! ! Now I gotta find something new to read.
6/29/2016 c22 1linuen
And now, Alpha ends with a hopeful tone.

It felt so good when Wyatt went out of his old, white truck. I was, like: "Oh, thank God, he showed up for reals!" I had a nasty feeling that Wyatt wasn't going to meet up with Calix, because I was feeling a bit down since his last call with him. It was an unsettling short amount of time, really, but then seeing our mountain man by Calix's house made it better!

I seem to notice that this chapter made a little bit more questions than answered although the main topic of the story had a sort of good end. There're questions still with Dax, their parents and, of course, the vague disappearance of Canuck. I know that the wolf went out of his own for good, as Wyatt seemed to imply, but I wished deep in my heart that there were more information about the wolf by the end. I need closure, Calico! Huhu.

Anyways, a fairly decent chapter. Lots of love in this ending and honesty, which is a major development since internalization of feelings was a major issue to these characters. I am so happy that they finally admitted their feelings to each other!

And yes, I am up for an epilogue but this ending is also okay (more questions but, really, just minor ones). It would, of course, be nice to see the world in Wyatt's POV. I give this chapter a rating of 8.5/10 maybe 9, for honest fluff feelings.

Congratulations, Calico! 3
6/29/2016 c22 Kimmie
Like I said on Twitter, I love it. : )
Of course I had to re read it once it was up. Lol.
And yes, yes, yes to the part two in Wyatt's point of view. I would be happy(and still will be) with just this and the epilogue, bbuuttt since you put it out there..lol.
Thank you for the update and this amazing story.
Oh, and also, love the Harry Potter reference.
: )
6/29/2016 c22 Guest
I freaking love this story! Definitely needs an epilogue to tie up some of the loose ends but over all great story
6/29/2016 c22 9Safieri
I am now far too giddy to be at work. That was so...Gah! They are both crazy but their insanity compliments each other so well.

PLEASE hurry with the epilogue! I need to know what Wyatt's dad says when his son who disappeared how many years ago suddenly shows up with his boyfriend and says "I'm gonna build us a love shack on the property. You'll only see us when we need essentials. Like lube." XD
6/29/2016 c22 3Site-3
Wow that was so amazing! Thank you for that story I loved every chapter, every sentence! Also a epilogue in Waytt's pov? That would be so amazing! I've always wondered what was on his mind back then and even into the future! Thank you again so much for this story it was such a pleasure to read
6/29/2016 c22 Sekre
I think calix is definitely crazy, can't wait to read the next chapter!
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