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6/5/2016 c8 kumamon
You know, you never really answered my question. What did the scholar do to bring the throne to the King?

You know, I think the suspension bridge effect actually works. Not that I've tried it, of course. If I had, I wouldn't be single af right now. *cries in corner

I must say, an IQ of 145 is pretty impressive. But I still think falling for someone after just seven chapters is a bit... weird. Attraction, maybe? Or just interest? I know a lot of crushes that begin with just an interest in someone.

And you know what? I think I've found my favourite character. Go Milwau.
6/5/2016 c7 kumamon
After disappearing for two months, I is back!

Hopefully I haven't forgotten much in my absence. Mily and Em's conversations never fails to amuse me. And well, Em's dreams were... interesting, to say the least. Well, Cenebol is pretty interesting, and so is Go.

Her teeth sounds very unnerving. Sadly, I pictured the undulating teeth in my head, and now I can't get it out of my mind. Jfc. I kinda like how Em and Rach are bonding. Rach reminds me of a more subtle Kat. Sure, she looks out for Em, but not protectively like Kat does.

I kinda want to go to Cenebol now - at least to the guild. The guild sounds like it houses many fun characters. Can't wait to get started on the next chapter!
5/9/2016 c1 8LorrahBear
This is a really solid prologue. For some reason, the boy and the floating dust ball reminded me of Link and Navii (Hey! Listen!), which was fun. You've definitely drawn me in with the end - I am so interested to know what became of the boy! Great job.

Suggestion: "By gaining that very same power [yourself]." (Changed from itself - previous question specified "you.")
5/2/2016 c3 3Psykofreac
You character interactions are pretty amusing, particularly Emily and Katrina who also have a sweet friendship going. Also, great job raising suspense at the end. Still some issues with descriptions though.
4/30/2016 c2 Psykofreac
Well the plot for the chapter was basic for an adventure story. Girl living her daily life, getting into some trouble and some mysterious supernatural boy dropping into her room. It would be quite standard if the girl wasn't such an lively whacko. XD

I love Emily so far, a lot of her antics here caught me off guard and cracked me up. So she provided enough humor to keep me going. The chapter also ended in a really neat outlandish way that keeps interest.

A lot of the times when you had just dialogue, I felt some descriptions could have helped though. Like when um... Yui-chan was um... killed... maybe give an idea of Emily's rage?
4/10/2016 c1 18cud-b-better
So the title is referring to a power. Love the banter between characters, but what is there to hate about chili dogs? Kind of wondering just what the power that can kill a phoenix entails, influencing fate is a bit vague for me to understand. Destroying and creating worlds sounds like a world reincarnation ability. Well anyway nice comedy use for what appears to be a serious situation.
4/8/2016 c1 25hazelnutbrew
Wow, when I saw the premise for this story, I was astounded by its ingenuity and humorous hook. Your writing is quirky and the plots are amazing, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed when I opened the link to the first chapter for this story. I think that you've got a powerful hook established from the summary and the prologue that you have here. The characters that you have here are well-defined even through the short glimpses that we have of them, and the dialogue is sparkly and reveals quirky personalities. It's short and sweet, the brevity has much more impact when we find out that a person has the power to influence fate itself. I love stories with these kinds of high concepts, and i think that you did a good job wit hooking the reader in the first chapter, or rather the prologue. The concept of killing a phoenix is also amazing, and the game that they have to play with this madman makes me wonder how they're going to pull it off. He sounds like a powerful deity indeed, this man, and I'm intrigued to know what happens next in this story!
4/7/2016 c2 6Pendrop
I finally got off my lazy bum and read it. So, my thoughts:

The story has a lot of character, which is really pleasing. Though, sorry that I'm not that informed, so a lot of things that I believe were references to other works fell flat with me. Still, the writing itself is good and I'll probably stick around to read the rest, at my own pace. Keep writing!
4/4/2016 c2 9Plastic Mustard
THis is probably the most hilarious and witty story I've read on this site
4/3/2016 c5 13360pages
I enjoyed this chapter, most likely because it didn't feel like it was trying to be too quirky, it kind of felt a bit more natural. The whole tangent about books and stories I could tell was something you probably thrown in just for the heck of it. There is nothing wrong with that, I in fact quite enjoy when people do that, since a writer tend to gives their own flavor in scenes such as that.

A shame it seems Kat is going to be out of the story for a bit, but I don't mind.
4/2/2016 c4 360pages
I guess we get more focus on Emily and how she acts. Didn't expect them to just flat out go to the father. A lot of series like this tend to avoid the parent angle until a pivotal moment. (Not saying it's a good thing or a bad thing in either case, just something I noticed)

I do like that we get some glimpses of Emily's relationship with her father. Though I don't know how to feel about the borderline flashbacks used. I personally do not mind since it's one way to convey information.
3/30/2016 c2 10DappledKarma
*looks at synopsis* Oh, okay then. Nothing strange here. (O.O what the fu... I NEED TO READ)

Emily sure is a strange concoction of blunt, creative, random, and enthusiastic. I find something real lovable about characters who have no filter - and bonus points for her having 'unique' thoughts indeed: 'shriveled eggplant in his pants', "No I want to be Hitler," imagining herself as a Fuhrer. It makes for a fun read.

Her interactions with the other characters were solid, too, especially Katrina. (Please tell me she has a ninja maid-cosplay Friday. It needs to happen!) You got a knack for stylistic dialogue and the characters play off each other pretty well.

Though this chapter was packed with info, the structure and pacing made it feel otherwise. Wasn't bored once while reading through. My favorite part so far was the sword pulling, of course. Everything about it is just... wrong, lol. I didn't expect the thing to come out covered in Emily's juices and stuff. It was pretty gross. And I love Rain's mostly stoic reaction to the events that just occurred. How are they gonna talk their way outta this one?
3/11/2016 c6 kumamon
Greetings after disappearing for some time!

I'm interested in the quote you put up. What did the scholar do to bring the throne to King? At least Garth didn't say anything about the stupid versions where the King sees her legs.

Oml why did Em do that to Kat? Kat you smol bean don't cry. ; - ; Ooh, I recognized how Em feels. My legs feel springy and very flexible after cardio/hiit day too. :D I feel like I can do hurdles just for that moment, and after I shower, my legs feel like lead again. :x

The later part of this chapter felt very poetic, when you were describing the island. I like Em's ending line though, it felt like a perfect full stop. Happy writing!
3/10/2016 c3 13360pages
Yeah, I really noticed how your stories tend to have a really abrasive attitude towards things. Characters curse, make dirty jokes ect, which makes sense in a loopy nature of the narrative. It kind of reminds me of a more prude Panty and Stocking.

Yet with that said, it also suffers from the same thing I feel Panty and Stocking does. That it would be quite difficult to read more than one chapter back to back.

These stories always relish in the craziness of the situation. Which is a good thing once in awhile, with that being said this story is actually probably one of your more down to earth ones if that makes sense.
2/29/2016 c2 360pages
Hmm, the entire beginning section of this chapter and by extension the chapter as a whole feels like it is giving us a character rundown of Emily, that in itself isn't a bad thing. Though I'd say the conversation with the teacher and maid seemed a bit too much info dumpy.

It certainly carries your signature style with how the characters speak and the references they make
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