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6/3/2016 c15 Guest
Okay, Mikko and Elizabeth working together does not sound goo. I know Mikko cannot control himself and I do really feel bad for him. She has just turned him into a monster and it's not right. I just hope that he does not die.

Mikael and Lilja are interesting characters. They really don't seem to be loyal to anyone but themselves. I still don't see what they are going to do. It just kind of sounds like they enjoy playing both sides. We will just have to see how they play out, because I really don't have any theories on them.
6/1/2016 c15 1MileyRowling
Great job!
5/30/2016 c14 Guest
Kind of a creepy one here. I did like getting to meet the witch and seeing just how powerful Ajatar is. I'm finally starting to get an idea of who the goddess actually is too.
5/25/2016 c14 MileyRowling
Nice work!
5/11/2016 c13 MileyRowling
Nice job!
5/10/2016 c13 Guest
Love Oivikki and Eelis! Looking forward to more from them. They are in light in what is a dark story.
5/5/2016 c12 MileyRowling
Nice update!
3/24/2016 c11 Guest
Oh, I do like the idea of Sebastiaan possibly being dark! It adds to his character!

I really do love all of the mythology that this series has going for it. It really adds to the darkness of the story and drives the plot. The old style of this series kind of reminds me of late 1990s or/and early 200s supernatural stories. I am really glad to see that style is not completely gone.
3/17/2016 c11 MileyRowling
Great update!
3/8/2016 c10 MileyRowling
Great update!
3/5/2016 c9 Guest
Oh, Norse mythology is going to make an appearance? Please! I still am surprised about how much religion is a factor in these early chapters. I know I really shouldn't be, but it's just you know.

Happy to see Retee again! I love him!
3/2/2016 c9 MileyRowling
Nice work!
3/1/2016 c8 Guest
There is something strange about all of them being in a church service. They just don't seem like the church going type. Sevi leading the service is even more strange..Yeah..
2/16/2016 c7 MileyRowling
Great work!
2/16/2016 c7 Guest
Well, now! The new Pack, let's talk about that. Eelis and Markus are saving people now instead of killing them? I know that they are wolves and all, but it is just rather unexpected. They just seem to be the kind of characters who would much rather take of themselves instead of others.

Now, Floor going to see Tarja and Kendra? Are they going to end up on speaking terms again or what? The hand battle was kind of creepy, but what is this? I am sensing that Ajatar had something to do with it, but it was kind of messed up.

Once again, more questions instead of answers. Are we ever going to get the answers or is there going to be another book? I know this is only chapter six, but still...
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