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2/10/2016 c6 1MileyRowling
Nice update!
2/6/2016 c5 Guest
I love all the tension that you are building between the characters! It adds a lot to the plot!
2/2/2016 c5 MileyRowling
I think Aleksander and Tarja should get together...Just saying!
1/31/2016 c4 Guest
Yes, Floor is a point of view character! I was actually wondering myself if religion was going to be a factor in this series and I guess it is. I really do like the idea of the moon being gone. It's not going to play out well for the wolves.

We do see some a new character. Oivikki, gets saved! I was very surprised to see how Eelis handled her. He just doesn't seem like the loving and gentle type.
1/26/2016 c4 MileyRowling
Nice update!
1/25/2016 c3 MileyRowling
Nice update!
1/23/2016 c3 Guest
Oh, poor Aku! As this series goes on, I keep feeling more and more sorry for him!
1/12/2016 c2 MileyRowling
Nice work! Happy to see this series back!
1/12/2016 c2 Guest
Picks right up where Beta left off! I do love how everyone sees Aku as the weak one, but no one has the heart to kick him out.
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