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for Playing Duck, Duck, Goose on Hard Mode

2/25/2016 c1 4Phoenix O'Hara
As a Canadian, I absolutely loved this. Thumbs up on the summary, by the way! I'm rubbish at them, but you seem to have a gift with them.
1/19/2016 c1 43zanybellecloudo
The revenge of a mother goose, well she doesn't have a nursery rhyme named after her for no reason! I actually liked the mum v. mum standoff, it felt almost epic but with more quacking. A sibling of mine was once chased by a cockerel, but he did provoke it and admittedly I just laughed. Was the Canadian thing significant? Rageful beasts! Ha. Thanks for sharing! :)
1/18/2016 c1 11shadowstrike31415
This made me laugh. Especially the part: "Grateful to escape the shame of death by Canadian Goose." That was funny. Do you have any other good short stories? (Humor)

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