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for Fears

2/27/2016 c1 6HueDePenemue
Wonderfully done.

With each stanza you cast a new light upon an element of our society that summons introspection and a questioning of the reasoning behind many of their beliefs ranging from the most inconsequential assumption to perhaps a core tenement of one's mental philosophy. And delivered in a driving, syncopated cadence that bears a disquieting likeness to an almost weary sounding military march gone askew.

How many of our decisions are driven by our fears one has to wonder.

A very compelling and relevant piece. Our world is so complicated. And nobody knows what's going to happen for certain-in this life or whatever one believes may happen after. It is a very frightful notion. Belief helps us to make sense of the world. It is the fabric out of which we stitch ourselves, and some beliefs are more dangerous than others.

The words are a music in and of themselves.

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