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10/1/2020 c1 21RainbowPearls
Christian is such a sweetie! I like his attitude a lot. I think he havecresoect and normal likeliness for our Saoirse! I liked their moments and the car drive was the best idea her came up with! I like her thoughts about dating and marriage and yeah a lil courtship before marriage sounds good!
Blane was a total meanie! That perverted guy!
I liked this: when the nurse refused to believe that she passed out because of smell loll
Natalie and others teasing her about the dating thing was so prettyyyy! I'm totally up for them. And yeah it's so kind if Christian to pick them up from dance classes! So liliana and Saoirse will get chance to become closer friends?
Let's see!
1/9/2019 c28 burquesangel
I've noticed that you haven't written since early 2018. I do hope you continue. I have you as one of my favorites. Your stories are great. I hope you decide to write some more soon.
Loved the ups and downs and realism of life.
1/30/2018 c28 dv36muskan
This story took me on a real emotional rollercoaster. I've got to admit, I really loved the characters, the details, the plot- everything!
Admittedly, there were times when I felt like Saorise's character was being a tad too pessimistic (before Natalie bonked some sense into her) or Christian being a bit of a jerk (when he leaves without much of a word and he kisses another girl), but I also observed their character development being as lovely as it was. Moreover, I felt that with Christian, I could come to forgive him. He is just a human, after all. Also, he felt very guilty and was genuinely apologetic about it. I guess since they were both ready to make amends, I believe their love was stronger than that. (Insert the Winnie the Pooh's quote on Peter's wall!)

I'm glad I found this story. Thank you for the read!
7/3/2017 c21 13Shailaputri
Natalie is great. Saoirse should be glad to have such friend
7/3/2017 c17 Shailaputri
To be honest Christian seems to bring her bad luck..because of him she almost died once, now almost lossing her legs..better to split them forever?
7/3/2017 c15 Shailaputri
I really hate Blane for doing this to his friend's sister, that too she is only 14.
7/3/2017 c9 Shailaputri
Hey, why she gave the suck girl the water from bathroom? That looks odd...
6/24/2017 c28 1lover17
This is fantastic story. It is nice to that the story doesn't end when they finally got together. The plot was amazing and was so in depth. The character development was designed very well and makes u fall in love with characters even more. The story captures you and pulls you into a world that keeps the readers on the edge of there seats. The amount of detail gives the reader a descriptive image of what the charters and settings look like. Your work is astonishing and I hope we eventually be published.
6/19/2017 c1 Deleted1234
This story is very interesting. I like it so far! I like Saoirse's personality and I'm looking forward to how the two will get together. Keep on writing :)
2/4/2017 c10 69Shadowswept
Aww, poor Saoirse! But at least Lilli is better. This is like reading about real people. You've done a great job making the story realistic. Gosh, Christian and Saoirse are a great couple. They care about each other so much, and they are so darn cute together! All the fun little things you've put in make them amusing, even in the midst of drama. I like that he winked at her in that scene in the beginning of the chapter, and the little scandal over what she was wearing when he came over in the middle of the night.

I also enjoyed the background on Saoirse's mom. In a lot of stories, parents barely have personalities, so I appreciate that you've made the effort to flesh out the adults in this story.
2/4/2017 c9 Shadowswept
Yikes, awkward! That was a funny way to end the chapter. I got a kick out of the contrast between Saoirse's reaction and Christian's reaction. Very true to life on both their parts. I'm really enjoying their cute romance, and I'm glad their parents are trusting them. Now I'm just worried about Lilli.
1/21/2017 c8 Shadowswept
I'm so happy now! This was such a beautiful and emotional chapter that it brought tears to my eyes. Well done! I noticed all the details you put in, and I am impressed. Christian reacted in anger, and this is so true of boys when they are upset. His sister was weepy, and Christian was angry even though he wanted to cry.

That sentence later about him rushing, grabbing the doorframe, and leaning into the room was such a vivid description, and it made me easily see it in my mind. This an area in which I am lacking in my writing, so I always notice and appreciate descriptive writing in other writers' stories.

And they are in love! Also, busted by the parents, but it's still all wonderful.
1/21/2017 c7 Shadowswept
Wow, I was not expecting something like that. I can't believe how cruel Dimitri was to poor Saoirse! I have to see what happens next, but I'm also dreading it.
1/8/2017 c6 Shadowswept
Oh my goodness, this was wonderful! I'm glad I came back to a chapter like this. They kissed! I didn't expect them to after the trouble in the last chapter, but I'm glad they did. It was so cute with them going on all the rides and talking, but then it ended with a surprising amount of heat between them. You did a great job of creating chemistry with the lead up to that kiss. Very hot kiss too!
11/26/2016 c5 Shadowswept
Poor Christian. He was so happy, and then Lilli made a scene. It's a bit hypocritical of her considering what happened at the park, but that's how siblings are, especially a moody thirteen year old. I think she was kind of jealous too.
I really like the friendship that is developing between Christian and Saoirse though.
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