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for Delight of the Dance

9/19/2016 c1 10Cowboy-4-Christ
Good writing, keep it up
6/8/2016 c1 66BlueSymphony
I wish I could dance. You make it sound so fun! I wrote a story about watching a friend dance once, (no, I haven't posted it) but I don't think I even came close to describing dance like you have. I really liked this little tale. You described the joy and sheer bliss so well. Sometimes the best works of writing happen late at night. Wonderfully done!
3/20/2016 c1 51Brievel
You describe it so much better than I ever could.
3/19/2016 c1 70BradytheJust
So this is how you write at 2:00 am.
I'm very impressed! :D This entire story is brimming over with wonderfulness and its as brilliant as the sun!
I especially like the opening line myself, it really hooked me into the story like a fish and then it reeled me in.
Absolute perfection and keep it up! :)

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