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for Water Blonde

1/2/2022 c5 heelenah
Such a great story. I really like with the story. Please keep update. Oh, I want to tell you that our platform is currently holding a werewolf writing contest. If you feel interested please let me know by send me your mail address.
Here is the official link: bit. ly/ 2Yr0vLC
Thanks and happy new year
6/1/2017 c2 annabanana1994
I love the story! I don't understand why Evelyn's family and pack treat her like that... I guess they see her as a pawn and nothing else... something to be sold for their own benefit... I love that she fights against it... that she demonstrates her value.
There's something that concerns me though... why is the changing age 21, in the first chapter, and 25, later on?
11/11/2016 c5 3Megsi
Ok, I flipping love this.
It's such a refreshing take on the genre. I'm so curious about what the hell was up with her pack, like the deal with females and the dyeing of her hair, and excited for her lessons and the progression of her relationship with ol' Growler. Plus, it's cool that we get to essentially learn alongside her with her lessons.
Your writing is really good, and well-detailed. I can immerse myself really easily into your story. I will admit that the constant mistakes are kind of bugging me, but I can overlook that because you are aware they are there and will fix them and really this is only a first draft of an amazing story. Do you mind people pointing out some mistakes? I'm just itching to point out the glaring ones, sorry!
Just one thing, does Evelyn believe the first shift happens after turining 21 or 25. I thought she said they turned after 21 but then Alex said that Evelyn thought it was dangerous to shift before 25?
Only bad thing is there isn't more for me to read!
8/25/2016 c4 Ashes2Ashes
Love this story hope you update soon so i can see what happens next.
5/3/2016 c5 Guest
this was really interesting.

I admit, i clicke dit at first thinking it was going to be a cliche story where the girl isnt relatable etc but after the first couple chapters i was pleasantly surprised.

You described her confusion etc, and their mix ups in understanding really well, the relationship is really interesting :)
4/22/2016 c2 GaiaNoche

I Love the story so far, keep it up! I can't wait for the next update. _
4/12/2016 c3 3B. Biddle
I'm curious as to why her parents hated her so, her mother making her dye her hair and wear contact lenses. Why was she not allowed to be blonde? I'm sorry if you have already touched upon this in your story. I'm incredibly curious about many things that I hope will come to light as you go on, especially about the Growler, so I'll be waiting for next chapter :)

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