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for Snow

11/6/2016 c1 5Faye Forehand
After reviewing my story and encouraging me to continue, I decided to check out one of yours. :3

I really enjoyed this little story and I wish their was more, but that's okay. :)
5/17/2016 c1 8LorrahBear
I love this. Wonderful job! Really had me smiling. :)

I only found one small error: her "something to confess" is in the same paragraph as his "it's my brother?" Response. As they are two different people speaking, they should be on two lines.

Really well done! This was fantastic and I really enjoyed it. :)
4/15/2016 c1 21WafflesandUnicorn
Grrr! Why she no remember nothing? Waffles wanna know! (Lol I sound like a needy little kid xD) I say make it a full story just because I want to know why she doesn't remember anything :)

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