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2/21 c1 anna Marry
Have you tried to post in other platforms? I am so interested in your work. My name is Anna a talent scout for fast-growing platform. May I know how to reach you professionally?
12/25/2018 c1 Laverne
Great story you're very talented.
5/7/2018 c1 14RaisingDad
Very whimsical and playful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and can't wait to see where you'll take your readers next.
6/28/2017 c1 8LorrahBear
This is a fun first chapter, and I like the scene with the seagull.
Watch out for tense swaps and typos, but some thorough proof reading should help you out with this.
I hope you continue writing!
2/16/2017 c1 6Nightlion
Really light-hearted and good humoured personification. I rly like how it ends.
12/13/2016 c1 20Foxx The Sleepy
I like it, there are some errors that you can catch and easily fix if you reread it, but it's cute and different from what I usually see :) Makes me think it would be a good marine biology creative essay lol
4/24/2016 c1 17lunarchroniclesandcockatiels
Nice! :D

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