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1/21/2022 c32 kasperlassie
I really like how comfortable Zephyr is with being himself and how he asserts his space with others. It's so refreshing to see him in dragon form or reminding others that he's different just by doing what he's comfortable with
11/12/2021 c33 Guest
Really hoping for a new update! Didnt realise i missed this last one. Interesting to see zephyr interested in someone other than anne
8/29/2021 c10 kasperlassie
Kyra is adorable and I forgot how much I loved reading about Anne and Zephyr just hanging around and talking. It's a nice relaxing change of pace
4/4/2021 c33 CharlieJuliet
I reread everything starting from The Hand of Grace and I'm now dying for an update. I still can't believe I'm reading all of this for free. The story is so good, you're such an amazing writer.

I love dragons, thus I'm enjoying that Zeph is spending more time in his draconian form. I'm very curious about this professor. I'm starting to think that she's actually Anne, but you mentioned that she lost her lover. And if she's really Anne that would mean she lost Zeph..., it would break my heart if I'm right.

I really hope you post an update soon.
Please stay safe.
9/5/2020 c33 DBZFAN45
Well now, sorry missed this so many other fics I'm reading these days but your" Hand of Grace "caught my eye in the first chapter. I 've been a long time reader ever since then., I'm still reading your second book Hand of Justice. I Love all your characters from the Badass Zephyr/Oakthorn to a no non sense , beautiful heroine Anne ( hand of Jove)., Miranda is a lovely succubus sidekick to Anne and Teles well he still tries adapt to his new life, wife and the funny chaotic trouble Zephyr brings into his life. Everyone including the supporting characters have the own stories too. It like a sexy game of thrones version with succubus/incubus, magic, also a shapeshifting dragonborn Zephyr awesome storytelling. Till next time. Cheers!
8/29/2020 c33 smoothini
I’m v intrigued with this professor character from Zephyr’s past. I can’t help but to draw parallels between her and Anne, both physically and personality wise. Seems Zephyr has got a type, hm? also, in your autor notes you wrote that he views her to rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but do you also view her as playing a minor role? I can’t help but wonder if she’s an important instrument to help build/illustrate the ways destiny and fate seem to operate in your fictions. thank you for another great chapter! hope you’re well :)
8/17/2020 c33 raxtus20
Zephyr hoarding shiny things to present them to Anne later is my new favorite thing now. Please make that a thing

Will Anne join Zephyr and Teles on their mission?

Is believing Zephyr's professor is actually Anne sent back in time a too unrealistic theory?

Is King Rion married? (Sorry I can't remember if I asked that before)

What happened to Winterglade?

Thanks for the update. They always make my day
8/16/2020 c33 5RebekahFyre
I meant to read and review last chapter, but got lost down a rabbit hole and wasn't reminded I had an update to read until this chapter came out. So sorry about that!

As always, love your writing, love Zeph's point of view, and overall love the story. Your world is lovely and every character fleshed out, no matter how important. Zeph's dragony-ness last chapter was spectacular, though I'm unsure where he was on the tree? His violence this chapter and subsequent fear from the student population were both expected and beautifully handled. I now want him to change the color of his dragon fur to blue. I realize changing hair color is a college age thing to do, but you know. Furry blue dragon cat.
I'm not Miranda's biggest fan. I wonder if giving Zeph a rank will help the other cubi in Lled and the army come from the shadows and maybe get ranks of their own? Will he have to show off his Teles given sword more? Does he show it off already? I honestly have no idea if in this world it's considered polite to wear your weapons to Court.
8/16/2020 c33 Guest
Interesting chapter, for awhile i thought that flashback might have been a dream zephyr was having or some role play thing. Haha. The kungorian professor just seemed so similar. Cute chapter and it was interesting to know zephyr had such similar death dealer tendencies even before the incident. Well, thats not true, we knew he killed people on a whim before, we just didnt know it was in a fashion so similar to his behaviour during captivity and after.
8/16/2020 c33 kasperlassie
You had me in the first half, I'm not gonna lie. I was pretty shocked that college-age Zephyr would just decide to gut some people before it came out that they were wanted (dead or alive). And I'm not super surprised that the reason didn't come out since most of the people in that room would have just been shocked and horrified.

I feel like Zephyr is getting some magic used against him or something with the teacher because yeah, it's pretty creepy what he's thinking. Plus the fact that he can't remember anything about her features. I'm hoping that this was in goodwill instead of bad, but at the moment I think it was either an odd attempt to get him to bind to a Kungorian in college or some sort of reconnaissance.

I'm happy he got recognized for his military skills because honestly he didn't get too much else from those 10 years? I'm worried about what will go on in Kungoria also!

The Miranda/Teles thing from last chapter wasn't really my cup of tea, and beyond that there wasn't too much to think on so I didn't leave a review - I much more enjoy all this and the bathhouse and tea with the queen and servant relations, etc.
6/17/2020 c31 Guest
Long time lurker here. Just wanted to drop this after reading both of the stories due to how much I enjoyed them and want more people to notice them. Hard to put it into words but just loving the interactions between the characters and your writing style. Hope that you continue writing good chapters and stay healthy during these times.
6/13/2020 c31 Valinedel
I liked that we heard the unicorn’s thoughts. It took me a minute to realize whose POV we were looking through at the beginning, and I had to go back and reread. I like Anne’s intervention to Zeph’s thoughts and his response. He is honest about his nature and so is she.
6/13/2020 c31 LanceTBrown
Thank you for the bday gift! Lol this was the perfect surprise
6/13/2020 c31 kasperlassie
I love how this series has been shaping up to be like, the daily lives of Anne and Zephyr after they completed the Large Event. It's just so cool to see their lives and what's going on with just everyday stuff (plus it's just a nice escape from Earth at the moment). I like how the flashback displayed how he learned about blacksmithing and its demise in the N'aadian army without being overly gory.

It's interesting to finally see Zephyr being 'human' and just living life, including making friends and facing discrimination. Due to current events, it's hard not to compare beliefs about Cubi to rumors spread about slaves in America which is sort of wild to think about.

I also love the idea of him just traveling around the city and participating in his offbeat hobbies - I wonder if Anne has any hobbies that she'd want to take part in as well?
5/23/2020 c30 smoothini
thanks for another great chapter. i’ve been following you stories for quite some time now, and you never disappoint! also, random, but i always got the vibe that you were canadian. never would’ve pinned you as a southern lol
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