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4/27/2020 c30 5RebekahFyre
Oh, look, a job notice for a Baronness's household! It seems innocent, I should introduce myself and... oh god, is that a dragon? Nope!
I'm kinda saddened that only Kyra had a positive reaction. I mean, big cat-dragon, why is no one going "d'awwwwwwww"? I guess he was a throne, so that'd be an inappropriate outward reaction.
I didn't understand the feet dancing part. I liked the roughhousing because roughhousing, and I didn't get why she asked what he was doing. Is "profane" a bad thing? I guess the answer would be yes, since she's meant to be a semi-religious symbol. As a regular reader of alien romances, though, "belly swelling with something alien" didn't feel at all scandalous to me, and I have a feeling it was meant to be?
As always, love your writing and your story! Always excited to read more!
4/25/2020 c30 kasperlassie
I'm so happy we got a chapter! I was wondering if one would show up due to the quarantine. I love that Z and A are accidentally making a found family of people they enjoy, and I wonder how the servants they hire now will be different (if any) from Stephen and Kyra who are a bit different.

I love that Zephyr could just fix the house to specifications, of course if I was Anne I would have spent much longer discussing the layout vs. the OG layout and making the kitchen amazing, but I understand that Anne trusts Zephyr to do everything with taste.

I wondered how large their entry/tree room was and how large Zephyr's dragon form is. I saw horse-sized later on, was that his size for most of this? I'm sure it was shocking for everyone applying for a job no matter what.

I see Zephyr's dragon as similar to most shapeshifting stories (werewolves mainly because they're most popular) in the two bodies aspect. I didn't consider the roughhousing to be much at all since he mainly stopped Anne from kissing him, but it would be interesting to see more incorporation of dragon-like form/movements from Zephyr in human form now that he's reconnecting with it.
4/25/2020 c30 Valinedel
So glad you are back! I was wondering if we would get an update since a lot of people have more time on their hands due to Covid. It is good to hear your strength is returning, but a bummer that now that you have to be a bit more inventive to work on it at home. It’s easier to go to a gym!

I really like the idea of a cherry blossom tree. The old ones can be so magnificent and seems quite fitting. I also really liked seeing the interaction of Zeph w Anne and others while in his dragon form. His power is so cool (I mean to chance a nation’s mindset if Anne wishes it - WOW)!

I live in the middle of Amish country so I thought your reference to their education stopping and expectoration a on what they “should” do was quite fitting. Great job :)
11/4/2019 c29 RebekahFyre
Yes! More college flashbacks! I like seeing pre-witch Oakthorn. Still scary and knows he's scary but also innocent, in his own way.

Writing in Comic Sans messes me up, but I'm very glad it works for you. I may just not remember from previous updates, but wouldn't the characters worry about the spa attendants gossiping about their conversations? They speak freely of things that seem like they should be confidential, like the possible King Rion visit. I guess Thanos would notice/do something if they intended to gossip, but still.
11/4/2019 c29 kasperlassie
Oh my goodness I'm so excited to meet Rion! And this scholar! And go to Shoreton! I wonder what Anne will think of the terran books there? It's also nice to see some positive interaction from Lledans in regards to Zephyr, especially since he is so cute with Anne and how he treats her. Would he ever get his toes polished?
11/4/2019 c29 raxtus20
Wuhuu update! Loved the chapter. There is something fishy going on with that professor. I mean for Zephyr to forgot her face AND her name!?
Can't wait to read Anne and Zephyr in their own home!
8/11/2019 c28 Guest
Why the cliff hanger. And always zephyr for the propriety and logic. No wonder those two are the hands. But without miranda and teles as contrast. it could be easy to forget.
8/10/2019 c28 kasperlassie
I'm excited that there was so much to this update! I've been awaiting it since the last one. Of course, I'm worried how they'll react to Miranda now that they know she's a succubus since she's got her cloaking on and what they'll do with the information, and I wonder what she was drinking. It must have been pretty strong for her to forget where she was.

I'm a little surprised at Anne being so vanilla when it comes to sex (although not that surprised) and it's interesting to see where her prejudices come into play a little bit. I also love the waxing scene and the attendants! I must have a soft spot for smaller characters because I'd love to know more about Anne's attendant who's more quiet.
6/27/2019 c18 kasperlassie
Oh man I realize we haven't solved this yet... it's wild re-reading things and then remembering parts of the plot! I wonder who this cubus is?
6/18/2019 c8 4LoreLorelei
Anne and Zeph have such a wonderful relationship! And you are a masterful storyteller!
6/12/2019 c27 kasperlassie
I love seeing how cute all the couples are together! I also sort of wonder what Melissa is up to now that she doesn't have to deal with the witch or Zephyr...

I would love to see Teles get his chest waxed but I wouldn't ever believe he would say yes if he knew what was happening!
6/12/2019 c25 kasperlassie
Aww, what a baby! I have to admit I love seeing what Zephyr is like as a teen/young adult and what general life was like for others, it's a great look at the enormous contrast!
6/9/2019 c27 Guest
next up, the foot bath haha, sexy chapter
6/5/2019 c27 Valinedel
Loved the banter! It is a lot of fun to see zeph’s smugness at his hotness but yet saves all his attention towards Anne.
6/1/2019 c27 Cielwing
In the part about nora, you referenced the witch and that zephyr could rip hearts out with her without her presence, which confused me because I thought you were referring to melissa.

But other than that good update!
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