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12/18/2018 c22 kasperlassie
Oh man, all of the bank talk has me wishing for some political intrigue! And it's ridiculously enjoyable to hear people in seats of power being forced to do things they don't want (like opening an account for Anne). They're all lucky that she's so nice, if they did that to an actual princess they'd be out of business.

I also loved how Stephen is essentially acting as their liaison to the Lledan world - it's weird to be in such a xenophobic city, and I'm secretly hoping for some kind of awful volcano eruption or something just so Zephyr can save them all and then rub it in their faces.

On the topic of traveling back and forth to the estate, it would honestly be in Anne's favor to have Zephyr invent pagers or something so that she could be contacted without a mind intrusion. Then they could have like a general manager for day-to-day and AZ could take care of larger matters. That wouldn't help with getting the estate's people to warm to Zephyr though.
12/18/2018 c21 kasperlassie
I have to say that I adore Stephen. He matches a child in excitement and eagerness to please which is why I think Zephyr has such patience with someone who would frustrate many people. Also, the idea of Zephyr just hanging out in a sarong as his lazy clothes is absolutely hilarious to me. I keep trying to grasp the weather and equate each country with an American country, but I always forget how warm Asteria is supposed to be.

I must admit, Jade's absolute mistrust of all things cubi is starting to wear on me, mostly because it doesn't seem like she's doing anything about it one way or another. If she's so uncomfortable around Zephyr, it feels like there would be some sort of plot to drive him out or get him out of the way somehow.
12/17/2018 c17 kasperlassie
This chapter made me start wondering when exactly Anne was taken - was she on Earth for the Frozen craze? How many inside jokes does she want to tell but no one is around to understand them?
12/5/2018 c16 Guest
When is the update? Kinda impatient for more
11/26/2018 c1 HolaChica
I'm writing to just say I stumbled upon Hand of Grace on Wattpad a couple of days ago and had to come back here and reread the whole thing. Still to this day, it is the best written piece I have read both on FP and wattpad. I've just finished and I'm probably gonna deal with an internal battle over whether to restart Hand of Justice or hold off until there's more chapters. Or the story is completed. I know I followed HoJ when it was first posted but I can't remember what happened or were I left off. But regardless, I'm glad to see the story's still going and has been updated since I last read it. I can't believe it's been so long since I first found Hand of Grace in 2015. You're super talented and I hope you keep going. Best of luck!
10/14/2018 c23 Guest
Grumpy dragon Prince getting his own way again. But I am glad Anne was annoyed at him. Her virtue is the reason this story is happening as it is
10/14/2018 c23 Valinedel
I feel like it goes without saying, but OF COURSE I liked this chapter (blushes). I want to sit here and say MORE MORE MORE, but I feel like you already know me so well (I read it 4 times). Lol! I did wonder about Anne’s reaction saying she can’t be made at him for being a Cubi...was that supposed to be a question, or more of a statement (like she was coming to realize it as she said it). You wrote it as a statement but I feel like even though she Is level-headed she still would have been a touch irate and asked it as an incredulous question. I really enjoyed how much you went to Thantos’ POV and can’t wait to see how the bracelet ends up playing into the future now that he put a sentient part of himself into it.
10/13/2018 c23 2C. M. Brighid Bachleda
Sweet revenge on the uppity baker XD
10/13/2018 c23 raxtus20
I LOVED it! But I still can't believe Thanatos chose to go political way. Poor baker...
10/10/2018 c22 3Samantha Walters
I’ve probably said this before, but I absolutely love these stories. I’ve read Hand of Grace at least 3 times. You add real elements to the stories that other authors gleam over but it adds drama and relatability.
10/1/2018 c22 raxtus20
I woke up to the notification of your update and you have no idea how happy that made me.
9/30/2018 c22 5RebekahFyre
Really freaking long paragraph that I didn't understand.
"She said they would multiple" should be "multiply".
HoJ staring at a shop sign... he's going to sabotage their business with his. Blacklist them? Oh my gosh, just thinking about all the possibilities has me almost in tears in happiness. Oh, and I really like how you describe Zeph's stoicism. I am jealous of your writing skills.
8/14/2018 c21 Redache
I thought Zeph wasn't the type to be shirtless around people? I've been very bad at reviewing lately, I apologize. But now I want to know the answers to all those questions Anne asked about her holdings. Plus, did the family that ruled the holdings do something to lose it or did they all die? It seems strategic to put Anne near the border with Asteria, and that's a nice coincidence if they all just died.
Also, is she going to have to keep her own small army, loyal to her banner? Or does it work differently?
8/10/2018 c21 Guest
Ooooh you go boy, you are awesome haha and that morning interaction was so funny and warming. I can't wait to read more.
8/11/2018 c21 Valinedel
I really liked the last part of this chapter. Then again I love when you talk about Zeph using his power and how that manifests itself. I hope someone does the fan art! That would be fun to see.
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