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1/4/2020 c5 3Slynn.B
Well, I spent most of this chapter wanting to yell “It’s not Tristan’s fault!” I’m not going to try and justify cheating, but Brenda has been a bitch to Tristan. It makes it hard to be on her side.

These little insights have been a fun read. It’s funny how a story takes on a completely different feel with a simple shift in perspective.

I’m curious about Casey’s perspective on the kiss with Tristan. That would be a fun read.

Dion’s perspective would be interesting. From first meeting, to being accepted by Tristan.

Leah would be an emotional read I think. I imagine she feels conflicted over the Tristan thing, even if she does act like a bitch all the time.
1/4/2020 c4 Slynn.B
I’m going to be honest. I ship Landen and Chrissie. Bye Brenda, Bye Trey. If Leah wants to be a bitch about it, she can leave with Brenda.
1/4/2020 c3 Slynn.B
This chapter really endears me to Casey more. He wasn’t my favorite before, but he’s so supportive of Spring. It’s a virtue I didn’t know he had.
1/4/2020 c1 Slynn.B
Aw, poor Bree. This is so hard for her.

Something has to be done about Trey. His abuse is out of hand. One of these days he might end up hurting Bree.

I enjoy the insight from her perspective. There’s not nearly enough of her in the main story.
3/5/2017 c5 Nagi
So i re read this and the main story and i can finaly place in wich time point these characters give their points of view! Before i was confused , since landen's is from before tristan moves in and jason's in from when school already started
. Im always waiting for more of these fantastic stories both this one and the main one
8/2/2016 c5 nagi
Yay! XD . By what Trey thinks I meant , what does he think on the whole subject of his wife being unfaithful and Tristan not being his son and the possibility of bree being that friend of his'. And now I see Brenda in a different light. I always saw her as indifferent but now I know she's more rattled than she lets on! I do feel kind of sorry for her but not too much cuz I have this condition that once I acknowledge a protagonist I'll always be on their side no matter what kind of person he or she is .thanks for the AWSOME update and I'm so happy to hear that there could be a sequel!
7/26/2016 c4 liquid light
Is there not gonna be anymore? I loved the different points of view
5/26/2016 c4 nagi
I wonder what Trey's opinion on this matter is

PS:forgive my dramatic and wrongly written names, autocorrect inpides me to write this correctly
5/26/2016 c4 nagi
Seeing how landed is was fantastic. He and Tristan surely are father and son , they are so alike in their reactions to the subject of sex. It was very funny hearing Landon's overreaction and I'm very happy he still loves Christina. He's a very good father noticing Tristan's plight .

Keep these wonderful chapters going XD ,your loyal fan Nagi !
5/4/2016 c3 Nagi
Yay!I was noticed XD. And it was nice knowing how casey met tristan ! Eventho I had a feeling julie ans spring knew about jason ,I didnt think theyd know about tristan actually being gay (even tho he didnt know it at the time) ! Im cheering you on in this story! :D
4/28/2016 c2 nagi
I love seeing what happened from diferent peoples point of view. Loved brees. And the ones I want to read the most are landens and brendas
4/27/2016 c2 Darth Morpheus
Amazing as always
4/23/2016 c1 Darth Morpheus
Love. It.

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