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for Redeeming the Rogue

10/2/2023 c1 Guest
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1/1/2017 c18 bren43050
Love this story!
12/25/2016 c18 shinju asuka
Aww... Finally! Well done! I enjoy reading this a lot!
12/20/2016 c18 Elle Poko
Excellent ending, though bittersweet in a way. Well, for me at least. I'm a little sad that Hal and Joanna didn't make an appearance just because I'd like to see what they've been up to, although I do realize this isn't their story. I'm so happy over Roger and Lucy getting together. I am more than a little curious what his mother will think about their relationship. I know he's worried about his dad being against but I see his mom being more disapproving than his dad. Maybe I'm wrong, though. Anyways, I look forward to buying this when you get it published. I bought the last book and I can't wait to buy this one too.
12/19/2016 c18 KarasunoFan
12/10/2016 c17 KarasunoFan
Oh my goodness what a precarious existence she lives. Everything seems so perilous, no wonder she doesn't feel safe to indulge her emotions.
12/6/2016 c17 shinju asuka
Oh my... What would they do?
12/6/2016 c17 Elle Poko
So would it be possible for them to get married?
12/4/2016 c17 Guest
Oh my goodness heart is just aching for her. She must not just be terrified but devastated by the materials losses she's incurring. What a desperate life the truly poor lead.
12/2/2016 c16 shinju asuka
This is so good! Aah... I hope Roger would found out his actual feeling for her. Lucy was right to reject his offer, but it's heartbreaking when she asked him to bring along her son :(
11/28/2016 c16 Guest
I've waited quite a while for this chapter but it was definitely worth it. Has anyone told you that you have such a wonderful way with words?

I have a little boy, and it really broke my heart to read that bit when Lucy asked Roger to take Robbie with him. /3
11/27/2016 c16 Elle Poko
Part of me wonders if it would be at all possible for Roger to employ Lucy as his daughter's guardian as a way to bring both Lucy and Robbie back to Yorkshire with him. That is, if he's not able to find a way to marry her.
11/27/2016 c16 KarasunoFan
WOW! This was superbly written. For me the most moving line was "his reluctance to admit the emotion somehow made it more convincing." These are people who (seem to me) not to have the luxury of emotional literacy, so that they place so much value on the word love, take such care with it, was stirring.
11/14/2016 c15 shinju asuka
Nooo... Roger, you should ask her to marry you :'( aah... It makes sense though seeing the time setting of this story. I was a bit confused at first why he thought to build house so he could visit them. I wonder how she would react...
Ah btw i just realize that Roger is Hal's brother! So surprised that there is link to another story.
Look forward to reading more! :)
11/10/2016 c15 Guest
MISTRESS?! Oh Roger wrong words, wrong words!
I'm loving your story, keep up the great work
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