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6/1/2016 c1 1surrendertomusic
Omg. My feels! This was exactly what I needed and more. Just when I thought I was saying goodbye to Gemma and Boone for a while :') but anyhow, this novella was perfect closure for me. It answered and satisfied a lot of things from Ricochet/Vertigo. One of my favorite parts was "Boone and I disagree a lot" LOL. I loved it!

Until next time! :) 3
6/1/2016 c1 Clumsyhead
WOW! This oneshot made my heart filled with such warmth that even 1,234 page novel may not be able to, and i am really serious over here because i read one just before this and it was one of the best selling novel but still this made my heart go boom boom unlike the other one. Sigh !
Awww, Boone is one of my favorite character in fiction and I guess he ll always remain so, and you my writer will always be the best storyteller ever, sorry if you don't like the term but as i have said before you can explain even small things that may seem unimportant but it is very important and those little things make it more lively, keep on writing, hope to hear from you soon with your another masterpiece
6/1/2016 c1 iamanacorn
There's something whimsical about this piece as well as Gem and Boone's relationship. It's powerful in the way that it really defines what a relationship is- three parts love, 4 parts trust, and 3 parts timing. This one shot summed everything up neatly from a glimpse of Boone's past to his future relationship with Gem. Your language and the lengths of the sentences reflect Boone's nature perfectly in that he might be grumpy and seemingly emotionally stunted, but underneath all that is a man loving for the first time.
Thank you so much for writing this (you don't understand how much I love this piece) and I hope that you do choose to add more tidbits relating to these to dynamic characters.
I've got to say that Gem and Boone are some of my favourite protagonists. Gem is so full of light and is yet flawed in her recklessness. Boone...he's always been an enigma so to read even just a one shot was so rewarding. I as a reader before was rather unimpressed with his actions that hurt Gem, but after reading things from his POV, I've forgiven him (just shows you how invested I am in his character and your stories).
Basically, this is a beautiful piece that has been written with such elegance. Hope you do decide to write more (hopefully on Gem and Boone because their my official otp).
6/1/2016 c1 vanessa
HONESTLY I am dying
this made me cry and laugh and smile and groan and roll my eyes AND EVERYTHING! you are an amazing writer because you're able to make us understand and feel what the characters are feeling. You put in all the details to make me swoon and keep my interested without rambling and making us bored. Bittersweet that I'm finally done following the Gemma-Boone dynamic since I've started reading since Vertigo. You're amazing and I'm really looking forward to your next story :)
5/31/2016 c1 hitokiri9
Thank you! I didn't realize until I finished the story, that I needed this ending. I will always love this story, its characters, setting, and the emotions involved. I know for a fact that I will remember their story years to come. So thank you again.
5/31/2016 c1 1Explore.Dream.Discover
I am literally clutching my chest. This was too perfect. My god, you do character development so well and everything you write is perfectly balanced, never too much or too little. Just brilliant. I'm such a huge fan. Can't wait to read more from you, whatever it may be!
5/31/2016 c1 Guest
too good
5/31/2016 c1 Taraxoxo
Ahhhhh I loved it!
5/31/2016 c1 cat10985
Omg! I have been going through the Gemma and Boone withdrawals! So this was just perfect and made my weekend! I love how you did that with his pov! I like loved how he was instantly protective of her with that guys statements about her butt. And I loved how he saw the difference of her smiles between him and Ben! It was Sooo cool. I kinda wanted to read more about when he F-ed up with the breakfast and than the girl, but it's was still good. And I loved how he and Danny talked about her warface! Ugh I mean I just loved this whole thing. I am so glad you made it long and honestly I could have kept reading! I loved how Gibson gave him and Danny advice... But I am still think you can do a story where Danny and Gibson get together. I just think they would compliment each other much like Gemma and Boone. So I still have my fingers crossed for that! And of course another Tory of Gemma and Boone. I will be honest when I got down toward the end of the story I kept waiting for Gemma to be held hostage and Boone would have to save her and that was going to start the next story! Ha! But I mean seriously you have 41 reviews on just a one shot! So you know you have something great! You are a fantastic writer! I just love your stories and while right now I am hoping for another Gemma and Boone or Danny and Gibson, I am going to read whatever you post! You are just amazing! So I can't wait for the next book you post! Great job!
5/31/2016 c1 Lessgo
You are amazing. I've read and reread many times all your posts. Such detail! When you write I am literally right there in the jeep with Gemma and Boone. It's incredible. I love these stories and wait with great anticipation anything else you pen. Thank you so much!
5/30/2016 c1 Guest
Just one word to describe your stories.

5/30/2016 c1 UnknownMystery
I just want to say thank you. Thank you for this wonderful journey. Thank you for these amazing books and amazing characters. Thank you for all that you have done for your readers, and thank you for being awesome. I love your books, and your writing is impeccable. I really enjoyed reading about Boone's journey and everything that he has been through. I think that it was well written, with all the perfect emotions and thoughts. I was so happy when you first said you would do this, and was so happy to read it. So thank you!
5/30/2016 c1 1bowl of strawberries
i am crying. tears of happiness. i rarely ever cry when reading, but you hit me right in the heart. beautifully done, so true to the characters, and just a wonderful journey to go on. i will be rereading this one a lot...and vertigo and ricochet. you have true, real talent.
5/30/2016 c1 1Du
Oh woman, you. This was so, so perfect. I'd like to say I'm speechless, but who am I kidding. Sorry for taking so long to review! As always, your timing was great - I'm almost graduated now, just have to defend my mini-thesis on wednesday, so of course you would make me procrastinate instead of preparing that... I read this novella in bits and pieces while taking mini-breaks, until a couple hours ago I literally thought "Fuck it" and reread it all in one sitting.
You exceeded my expectations in this one. I loved getting so much insight into Boone's life. His dad, his fucked-up mother, his foster kid life, his time with the SEALs. It was all so aclaratory as to Boone's personality. You really are a mastermind, your characters are so believable, so real, everything is so perfectly thought-out.
I loved everything. You didn't miss a single thing in his perspective. Reading Gemma's file before he met her, and how he reacted when he did. That "the rookie's mine" sentence was so Boone. I loved reading how Gemma fared her first days on the job - that yellow scarf thing was hilarious. I loved how she quickly grew from there and learnt how to deal with her job, how Boone coached her through it all, and how he reacted. The birthday cookie was SO sweet (I must commend Boone on his choice - oatmeal raisin cookies are my favourite to bake!), and "the first time he thought about kissing her"? That scene was probably my favourite. So simple yet so real, so Boone, so them. I loved how you then continued to expand on their relationship, how they kept bickering, and at the same time how Boone's feelings kept growing, and how naïve he was proving to be.
And then, Vertigo. Their first kiss in Russia was so much more perfect as described from Boone's point of view. Then the Pakistan thing... And the club thing. Getting to see what Boone was thinking at those times was just... Yep. It made me feel so much inside. It would be called 'swooning' I think? That was me. I loved seeing the thought process that took Boone to not want pancakes and make one of his hugest mistakes. You kept him true to himself - it wouldn't have seemed real if he'd just gone "oh, pancakes? mine with chocolate syrup, please!"
Then Ricochet. "A few months ago, he wouldn't have fought for anything so hard. But that was...before." This sentence totally did me. I really don't know what it is about your writing, but it makes me feel so much inside. This was just too much. I cried a little with this simple sentence (and a lot with the whole one-shot)... And then laughed a lot with how he googled first dates. It was so sweet and endearing! I felt like hugging him and then pinching his cheeks grandma-style. And then the scene at the barn, with Andermann knocked out and Gemma wanting to kill Boone but at the same time rejoicing in the fact he wasn't actually dead. It was a really powerful scene in Ricochet, and it was just as powerful from Boone's perspective. Then, the whole jumping-off-a-cliff and its consequences... I loved how Boone told Nixon to go screw himself and how desperate he was to find his rook. We knew it had been like this back in Ricochet, but actually getting to witness first-hand his actions, they just speak of such great feelings for Gemma. Perhaps because it was the first time -the only time- Boone had ever felt a real emotional connection to someone, and he was slowly realising that that someone was his everything. The way he went around to writing that huge appeal and showing up with a tie... It was all so endearing, dammit.
I loved, loved, loved the little excerpts you included in the end. They were so perfect. Little glimpses into their lives, how everything remained the same despite their being together. It was so well done, and again, so true to who they are as characters. How they kept arguing still, how they kept trying to ensure the other stayed out of trouble. The part where Boone asked how many times he should say "I love you" was so sweet (and naïve). The six month anniversary thing was hilarious. I loved how Gibson handled it all. Boone was adorable, but Danny was just so... Gah, I loved reading him in this novella. Then the part with her parents had me crying again, the fact that they knew "Gemma's Boone" was "infuriating and wonderful" was... I really think I may be speechless (despite this useless ramble). I loved that Boone got closure with his mother. And I loved it even more when he called Gem after three weeks of undercover just to let her know he missed her - he has come such a long way! It was so perfect. "His rookie, always his rookie". Need I say more?
I feel like I just wrote a cheap summary to this wonderful novella of yours, with some added "gah"s and "so adorable" and "I loved it", but ah well. I enjoyed how you wrote it all, the little timeline was such a good idea, and you kept writing bits and pieces that really wouldn't seem relevant to a general theme, but they were just so perfect to describe how Boone's feelings towards Gemma progressed. I love Gemma (trust me, I do!) but I kept imagining she didn't exist and this amazing man that is Boone was directing such wonderful love (and etceteras) at me.
This was wonderfully perfect and beautiful and outstanding and tear-inducing and so THEM and I just can't wait to reread it. Thank you for not going with any clichés - I knew you wouldn't, really, but I was still wary in case you'd gone through a manic phase and decided to kill them off or have them elope to Vegas or get her knocked up (I would've searched the earth for you just so I could hit you over the head). And thank you for leaving it all open, for not closing off their lives just in case maybe (maybe?) we get another adventure.
These two have got to be my favourite characters ever. Never have some fictionpress characters been grounded so deeply into me. Thank you.
"It was like she was in his bloodstream, constantly there, in his head and in his heart." Are you a closeted poet? This was just perfect. Sorry for such a useless review. I wanted to try some constructive criticism but it was just so fucking beautiful and great.
Bestest of best wishes your way!
PS: This was so, so good I didn't even miss the Adam's apple. I think... ;)
5/30/2016 c1 chuckythecat
I love you for this thank you for giving us this I was so fucking happy when I saw that you posted this. I love Gemma & Boone so much they're seriously one of my favorite fictional couples. & I loved what you did for us to gets better look at who Boone is, from his childhood & all the way thru to after he and Gemma are officially together. It gave me a much better understanding of the type of person he is & how Gemma is important to him. Even tho it was only one chapter & in snippets you really did an amazing job w/ it, I got a lot of feels. Can't wait to see what you bring to us in the future! Whether it be more of Gemma & Boone (which I really won't mind) or a completely new story I'm sure I'll love it! Thank you for this!
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