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1/10 c8 19Ckh
Oh, I actually read this five years ago but I didn't have much to say then. I just thought that CHAINSAW JOE was a cool action packed story. And I think I would still hold the same opinion if I were to reread CHAINSAW JOE again. Good action writing aside, I really liked the boss rush structure and how Joe dispatched his foes.

Maybe someday when I stop procrastinating and actually get to writing something, I would borrow the same boss rush structure. It...just seems fun. From time to time, I do think about writing a boss rush story along the same vein as CHAINSAW JOE admittedly. When I think of the things I read on FP, CHAINSAW JOE sticks out in my mind if only for a brief moment - I guess that was what prompted me to write this rambling review.

I hope recent events have found you well. Thanks for writing.

8/25/2021 c1 32The Youngest Mistress
Loved the last line.
I have my own fics if you WANT to read.
6/20/2021 c2 6Darth Zannacross
Only two chapters in and things have gotten quite crazy...maybe a tad to crazy for Holt lol.

Well, Joe has a clue but lets see if things just get started with this " Final Boss Corporation"...should be a wild ride either way.
6/20/2021 c2 31Starart152
It is as you promised. This battle was over the top and it was gory, but what do you expect with a chainsaw.
As for the end, the place he has to go is the Final Boss Corporation. Pretty easy to guess that he will handle the final boss in there.
6/19/2021 c1 6Darth Zannacross
We got a crazy story here...Joe has a rough day...lets see if finding this Chainsaw will make his day better.
6/19/2021 c1 31Starart152
This is a really nice introduction to the story. It is short and really gives the feel of an old arcade video game introduction before hell is let loose in the game. Hope Joe get them with his Chainsaw.
6/23/2017 c8 12kenxepe
I actually had to go pee at the start of chapter 7, but I held it until I finished reading the whole thing. That's how good your story is. Well done.
6/15/2017 c8 5ivegotwritersblock
Saw this a while back. so waiting for a reboot of this Cross.
5/24/2017 c8 NamelessMapleLeaf
Glad to see you finish this piece of awesomeness, but I'm sick her wondering... who's the red head?
5/24/2017 c8 1Tomoyuki Tanaka
Uh...cool epilogue. I guess that's what you meant by expanding on the Chainsaw Joe universe. Looking forward to that.
5/24/2017 c7 Tomoyuki Tanaka
Yay, the story is finally finished! The fight against Brutus was Brutal, and Axel got an axe to his head! Okay, not really...but Joe suddenly going all Hellsing on him was a little...uh, weird. And Amelia seems to be taking things in her stride, considering her formerly human lover suddenly reattached his own head and summmoned a bunch of chainsaws (or did I misread that? Because Joe's chainsaw suddenly became plural saws, so I assume that).

Anyway, great chapter and hope to see you write again soon.
5/23/2017 c8 12Dark Oracle
Glad to see it finally finished! I hope you'll write another story soon!
10/26/2016 c6 Dark Oracle
Glad to get a new update!
10/25/2016 c6 NamelessMapleLeaf
How... intriguing. Lets see if Joe can save his beloved Amelia before the Demon's rage consumes him fully. (Sinister Smirk)
10/25/2016 c6 5ivegotwritersblock
So, Joe is a demon? Interesting. Glad to see you are back as well Cross !
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