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4/20/2018 c32 18Kyt Lestrange
Hey you!

18 days have passed since you posted this new chapter and I'm only reading it now! I'm such a despicable reader lmao!

Teasing aside, thank you for the few words. I try my best to comment on every chapter unless there's more than 2 chapters to read, in that case I'll comment on the final one read.

Thank you for this new chapter. I didn't see the end coming. I wasn't expected that twis though I knew that Norabel was a coniving B****

It was really interesting to get to know more about Gab'riel's dad motives to leave. It sheds a new perspecive on him.

Keep up the good work and looking forward for the new chapter.

Bon courage (basically good luck)

4/3/2018 c2 5Faye Forehand
"I'm not that same guy anymore!" Acts like that same guy in HS.

Good story so far. I will continue to read and follow to see how these two end up together. :)
3/21/2018 c31 18Kyt Lestrange
Hello you!

I'm reviewing so damn late! Sorry!

Thank you for this new chapter. And since you've mentioned it, I've been missing Gabe's madre for a while.

I knew Gabe's father was suspicious. Mama says so too!

Regarding what happened to Barrett's dad, well it was totally expected though I would have loved seeing him in a coma. But it may be a little bit too melodramatic, no ?

Keep up the good work and good luck for the upcoming chapters

A bientôt (see you soon)

3/5/2018 c30 Kyt Lestrange
Hey you!

Thanks for this new chapter :)

One thing's for sure, you know how to build the tension in your story, One minute, it's all TeddyBears and rainbows and unicorns, while the next minute it's all Hell breaks loose :-)

So can't wait to see what has happened with Barrett's dad :-)

Take care of yourself and see you around :)

2/28/2018 c30 asd
she was supposed to be a bad bitch. but then you gave her a sad backstory and now she is a good bitch.
1/26/2018 c29 Kyt Lestrange
Hey you!

Thanks for this new chapter!

Finally the drama! Oh I can't wait to read what you've got in store for Norabel.

Gabe stood up for himself and his relationship with Barret at the end. I was so proud of him. I was almost expected that Norabel would have her water broken on the parking lot as a little cliffhanger hahaha.

As always, thanks for the good work and keep it up.

See you on chapter 30


1/23/2018 c29 1AyEIOuU
good speech, gabe. but i hope you wont get charged for assault. -sighhh-
1/10/2018 c28 18Kyt Lestrange
Hey you!

Two chapters almost in a row! and didn't get the time to read them until now! I'm such a lazy cat :-)

I really dislike the Norabel's character. She popped up out of the blue and since then I can't stand her. Can you make her disappear? (and by disappear I mean die) Or just make sure the baby's not Barrett's (Thanks for the paternity test) She's in only for the money that fake a** gold digger trick...

Gabe is really coming to some realizations during these two chapters. Go boy!

Arsenio & Zayne are so funny, even sober hahahaha

And as usual, Val is the best ;-)

That being said, I also wish a very good Happy New Year.

Keep up the good work and can't wait to read more from you

1/7/2018 c28 Guest
11/14/2017 c26 Kyt Lestrange

So happy to read you again and thanks for this new chapter :)

Even though she's not in it, I do not like (to say the least) Norabel... Did Barrett ask for a paternity test to make sure the baby's his? I wonder?

I'm happy we got to see more of Samuel :)

As always, keep up the good work and see you on the next chapter :)

11/14/2017 c26 Guest
but why is barett being so mean? it is mean if you've done something to drive a wedge in the relationship and youre making no attempts to fix it and stringing someone along. it doesnt make sense that hes placing his ex girlfriend so above his boyfriend, the baby hasnt come yet
10/25/2017 c1 Steve.Kazuto.SAO
Hmm... I just remembered, what happened to your other story "The Balance of Survival"? I was gonna read it again but it's missing..
10/3/2017 c25 T.Maureen
well , iwas right , that night was f up xD
10/2/2017 c25 Kyt Lestrange
Hey you!

Thank you for this arc one finale :-)

Let's speculate now :

- Gabe & Barrett will become Norabel baby's dads since she will die from a car accident or hit by a train. The pregnancy test will reveal that Barrett's the father and take responsibility for his magic wand's actions.

- Zayne & Heidi will get married or have a ménage à trois with Arsenio.

- Val & Carmine will have twins ad get married too.

- Barrett's dad will die in prison after a really bad flu.

I guess that's it for now :)

I'll see you around the corner in in short distant future then and wish you all the best for what is yet to come :)

A bientôt (see you later)

10/1/2017 c25 LadyDe
WTF? That would not have been a good cliffhanger for all eternity! Just saying. Too many questions. Poor Barrett and Gabe. When exactly are they going to have a moment to take a breath and just be in a relationship? I'll be waiting for chapter 26. Good job!
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