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9/25/2017 c24 T.Maureen
God , that night won't end well xD
9/14/2017 c24 5TMi The Dork in the Corner
Im back! I come back and there are two new chapters! I'm glad we finally get to meet his father, kind of funny it happens in the same chapter gabe tries to learn more about him. Lol. Arsenio; Hopefully im spelling that right, seems like a bad influence i feel like he wants gabe for himself. I liked him at firat but not so sure now. Anyway i loved the update i hope to see more soon! -TMi
9/11/2017 c24 18Kyt Lestrange
Hey dude!

Congratulations for your job position!

I'm so glad to read you again :)

Abran trying to make amends while knowing that he may not be welcomed back? Risky move but we'll see how it pay off :)

Arsenio... sorry but I can't shake this feeling that he's up to no good towards Gabe... Since the beginning he had his eyes set on him and now he's trying to get him wasted?!Hell to the No with that!

And the next chapter title... Could it be the End of Gabe's Rear hahahaha might be a little bit farfetched ;)

Keep up the good work and try not to juggle a lot between all your hobbies ;)

See ya

9/10/2017 c24 LadyDe
You will NOT make Gabe hook-up with Arsenio! No, No, NO. That would be wrong on sooooo many levels. No. And Mom...angry much? Somebody needs closure, badly.
9/7/2017 c24 Momo
I adore this story so much! I really love Gabriel. I really liked that he stopped his dad from leaving, and hope they work things out. Can't wait for the next chapter! :D
8/15/2017 c23 Kyt Lestrange
Hey you!

Thanks for this new chapter!

You threw me off guard with the end of it. Gabe and his mom, sitting at the table, casually talking about his father, and then pop, here he comes...

Almost a week without having news about Barrett... That's way too much space... No talking and all... Are they still boyfriends?

Keep up de the good work and see you around :-)

Take care,


8/13/2017 c23 LadyDe
I knew Abran would appear but didn't think it would be the same night Gabriel brings him up. And does Arsenio have an ulterior motive for talking to Gabe? Hummm. Great chapter.
8/3/2017 c22 Kyt Lestrange
Hey you!

Thanks for this new chapter. Sorry I was pretty busy and couldn't read it when it was out.

Well, at least we did have a peek regarding Vittore's character. And what a douche... Can he rot in jail and die there too, like being killed by one of the druglord's minions?

Can't wait to read you

See you around buddy :)

7/27/2017 c22 Steve.Kazuto.SAO
I second the motion where Barrett's father dies.
7/22/2017 c22 LadyDe
Wow. Daddy Dearest is a hot mess, isn't he, homophobic, hateful and a waste of air space. Throw him in jail and lets move on. I felt so bad for Barrett. But he has Gabe and his brothers to help him get through it. Nice that Gabe met Samuel but they need to meet at Mom's house.
7/22/2017 c22 5TMi The Dork in the Corner
Great chapter i felt bad for barret poor kid.
7/18/2017 c21 18Kyt Lestrange
Hey you!

As always, I'm happy to read this story.

Regarding this chapter :

- The aftermath of their first night. Despite the soreness resulting from his first time, Gabriel is managing pretty well. Keep practicing boy. Barrett will be happy to help you :-p

- Meeting with Layla : I feel for her even though I've never been bullied. And her reaction towards Barrett was expected. It will take her some time to forgive him. But at least, she got an apology and it wasn't unheard.

- Final lines : Dad has been found. I can only speculate regarding how he is. Dead? Wasted? In jail? Remarried? in any case, bring the drama :-)

Good luck and see you on the next chapter


7/7/2017 c20 8Boolsajo
This is an amazing story! The pacing kept me hooked and I just HAD to read it in one sitting. The characters are all so likable, and Val sounds like an amazing best friend to have. Thanks for sharing your lovely story; keep up the great work. And congrats on graduating :)
7/4/2017 c20 18Kyt Lestrange
Hello you,

Thanks for this new chapter!

They finally did it! You did a pretty good job in describing how it feels the first time :-) I was a bit scared that Gabe would back off from it :-p

Congratulations for graduating from college!

Good luck for your job hunting!

See you soon and take care!


6/30/2017 c20 Guest
Take your time! I'm loving this story, but do what you need to. I look forward to reading more, whenever you update. :)
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