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3/21/2017 c8 Black Violin Prince
XD lofl! OHHHHH SHIIII* Those last two lines though! That was freaking funny! Jeez, so what does his chest feel like?

That was just priceless.

~Black VP~
3/20/2017 c7 Black Violin Prince
Yataa! Gabe, boyo! You ain't imagining a thing! lol, i felt like saying it. xp But I'm horribly perverted so try to ignore me if I say something about ulterior motives and minds in the gutter. ;) Because I'm starting to become all about that in this story.

Yeah, and also, sorry if I'm not making sense, xp. That happens A Lot. 'Cause I happen to just type whatever I'm thinking. Which isn't always smart. Yosh, anyways, looking forward to what happens. xp

~Black VP~
3/20/2017 c6 Black Violin Prince
Aren't they supposed to get more complicated of the character thinks that way? ( XD, the last line)

~Black VP~
3/20/2017 c5 Black Violin Prince
Hey, the talk went too smoothly. More punches! xp. Naw, kidding. but it seems like it really went well! Now I wonder if the exchanging phone numbers has more significance. hehehe :)

~Black VP~
3/20/2017 c4 Black Violin Prince
Ahhhh~ that was fuuuuuuuunny. I love thiiiiiiiissss! But I'm wondering how the talk was going to turn out.

~Black VP~
3/20/2017 c3 Black Violin Prince
Er, Gabriel's stubborn want to just NOT get along with Barrett is freaking funny and I just freaking love it. lol. And I also like where this is going! Ah, Gabe's already my favorite character too.

~Black VP~
3/20/2017 c2 Black Violin Prince
Ohhhhhhh, he never forgot him, xp. Intereeesting!

XD lol.

That was an interesting chapter. And I really loved how the side character just like, ruined the moment by callig him during a fight. That was freaking hilarious.

~Black VP~
3/20/2017 c1 Black Violin Prince
Yo! Me likey this already! And I seriously can't wait to see what happens next.


I know I'm gonna enjoy it though.

~Black VP~
3/20/2017 c18 18Kyt Lestrange
Hey there!

Thanks for this new chapter!

I just love Val's act towards Barrett. Reminds me of my behavior with my friends :-)

This new character Arsenio, isn't he a little bit sketchy ? What if he did really see the picture and pretended not to? Maybe he meant it when he said it? God I just love a little drama. It could be really fun to see a new love interest blooming for Gabe hahahaha

Good luck until Spring break!

Take care

3/19/2017 c18 5TMi The Dork in the Corner
Good chapter! I liked the new character he seems interesting. I wonder what he'll add to the equation. Can't wait for more!
2/13/2017 c17 Steve.Kazuto.SAO
Ahahaha what a way to end the chapter! I just can't help laughing I nearly dropped my phone
2/13/2017 c17 LadyDe
I had to laugh out loud when Gabe said he couldn't get through the 1st half of FSoG! That's exactly what I did and the movies hold no interest for me. Finally, somebody else, even if he's fictional, that feels about that series like I do. hahaha. Poor Gabe, he's got a lot of insecurities to work through. Will Barrett be patient with him? I think he will. And that Val is a hoot! "amatur gay porn" too funny. Good chapter.
2/13/2017 c17 zahlnadia1995
OMG! LOVE IT! That was just great!
2/12/2017 c17 18Kyt Lestrange
Hey there!

Once again, thank you for this new chapter. What a great way to start my week :-)

During all my reading I was like, will they go all the way or what? Will Gabe freak out and push Barrett away? And then, Val came. And her line made me burst ! It is so Val-ish from her :-)

Keep us on the edge if you want but let me take a rope so while the others fall I will just hang hahahaha.

Good luck for the following chapters :-)


2/11/2017 c16 5TMi The Dork in the Corner
I really like this story thus far. Being out of high school myself i sometimes wonder what if I had been more social. If I was more athletic, if I came out and accepted myself back then. I still probably wont go to my high school reunion because I didnt have many if at all friends. But I like how you opened with it. Im interested to see what happens with the brothers. Hope you update soon.
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